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Find out current World of Warcraft token prices. Check how much gold you will get for a wow token in EU, US, KR, TW, CN, monitor the prices and rates history.

Wow token is an easy and legal way to exchange in-game World of Warcraft gold to real money using Wow Auction House and Store. Explore the vast knowledge about Wow Token, Wow gold, Auction House and learn how to level your character fast and efficiently or check how to make money while playing your favourite game.

WoW Token Prices

WoW Token FAQ

Practically, one WoW Token is a "portal" between new and veteran players in the World of Warcraft community. First of all, if you're starting your journey in the game, you'll probably need a lot of Gold to unlock/earn a lot of stuff. For example, you probably need to invest some of your income to buy heirlooms or increase your mounts' speed. On the other hand, if you're a veteran, you probably have many "farms" that let you accumulate a lot of passive income. Therefore, you could extend your game time by acquiring a WoW Token and play for another 30 days. (...)

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Besides the "time saving" feature, there are many ways that a WoW Token would give you a quick advantage. First of all, almost all the good stuff in World of Warcraft requires the famous in-game currency called Gold. With this in mind, you practically have access to many features that need a lot of time (and effort) to gather the necessary amount when you want the best out there. (...)

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With great power comes significant responsibilities. Sadly, every good thing in the World (especially on Warcraft) comes with a limit. Therefore, when it comes to WoW Tokens, you have a maximum of 10 units per week. With this limitation, the developers at Blizzard and give a somewhat safety measure that you wouldn't lose all the credits of your wallet in a matter of days. Indeed, this also helps when your kids have access to your credit card and have no control when they need to stop. (...)

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EU WoW Realms

Have you ever wondered where you should create your next World of Warcraft character? What realm should you choose? Check how strong are Horde and Alliance on every server. Research what servers are connected, what guilds occupy every realm and how many people are actually active there.

# Realm Type Locale Population
1 Aegwynn Normal German Medium
2 Aerie Peak Normal English Medium
3 Agamaggan Normal English Low
4 Aggra (Português) Normal English High
5 Aggramar Normal English Low
6 Ahn'Qiraj Normal English Medium
7 Al'Akir Normal English High
8 Alexstrasza Normal German Medium
9 Alleria Normal German Medium
10 Alonsus Normal English Low

Wow Builds

Check how to build your character. Find the invaluable data about best players’ wow character builds, and create your own. Read our guides on classes, Mythics, Raids and Dungeons. Make the best possible team and climb up the ranks.

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