Vigil’s Torch farming guide

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Posted: 25/07/2022

Vigil’s Torch farming guide

Greetings to you Adventurer! We are happy to welcome you to yet another one in our new series focusing on gathering crafting materials that arrived with the dawn of the Shadowlands expansion. We hope that you are as eager to explore this new content as we are, this time with our new Vigil’s Torch farming guide.

Before we go there, however, we would like to give you some idea first that you might find useful about herbs in Shadowlands and how these are gathered. First of all, of course, Vigil's Torch is another one of the six herbs that came with the new expansion.

The reason for this Vigil’s Torch farming guide, is that the Vigil's Torch is a very important herb, especially if your interests are more PvP oriented, since this one is the main ingredient for many potions, such as the Potion of Divine Awakening, Potion of the Psychopomp's Speed and Potion of Unhindered Passing.

The most important part that you need to know now is that herbs no longer grow in all of the zones of similar level range alike. In Shadowlands, most herbs are zone-locked. What it means for you is that they only grow in one zone. Which has its upsides and downsides – a good thing is that now if you need a certain herb, you know exactly where to go, but it also means that so does everyone else. The competition for materials in Shadowlands in much fiercer due to that factor.

Vigil's Torch is one of such herbs, it grows only in Ardenweald, along with Death Blossom, effectively the only herb that is present in more than one zone. Given the complexity of the zone and its layout, we are going to suggest you take one of the two routs we are going to present to you in this Vigil’s Torch farming guide, depending on your abilities.

Vigil’s Torch farming routes

Farming various materials in the Shadowlands is not an experience that would be surprising in almost any way for just about any veteran or player who has a certain level of experience; however, there are some important differences between this expansion and the past that we would like to mention in the Vigil’s Torch farming guide.

First of all, unlike many plants found in earlier expansions, none of the new herbs are in any way confined to the particular shapes of terrain or areas within the zones in the Shadowlands. There are therefore no limits on where the herbs can grow, in the area, such as on the banks of the river.

Nevertheless, it is still crucial to know that the further away you move from the settlements, the more you will discover of these plants, all of them, since they will not really spawn around cities or villages and are easier and faster found in the wild.

The first route we would like to talk about is a really short one. To get on this one, get on the road just south of the Heart of the Forest. Once you are there, start heading east for a while to then start south towards the Lunarlight Pod. Afterwards, start going north-west until you reach the river. Upon getting there, go north a bit to the source of the river and head back to the start. This is the short route for this Vigil’s Torch farming guide, that we recommend you take if you don’t have much time. This one will give you 2.3 times more yield than any other one if we are talking about farming for a short amount of time.

Vigil’s Torch farming guide route 1

As for our long route, we are going to take an easier one that assumes you don’t have a Sky Golem, since, let’s face it – most people don’t. You want to begin your run a little south-east from the Dreamsong Fenn, at the crossroads. From there you want to take the road east, until you reach Hibernal Hollow, but stop just before crossing the water, to then start heading south towards Gormhive, where again you want to turn west before crossing the river and stay south bound until you get to the bridges leading to Darkreach. That is the point where you will turn back and start going north-west towards Dreamsong Fenn, to then cross the area from the western side, to then go north until you reach the bridge that leads to Glitterfall Basin. At that moment you want to turn to the starting location and begin anew.

Vigil’s Torch farming guide route 2

Following those routes, we described in this Vigil’s Torch farming guide you should quickly have more than enough herbs for whatever crafting or business venture you have planned. Good hunting Adventurer!

Vigil’s Torch farming tips

In addition to routes, bear in mind that a few things may be done to enhance the farming experience even further than just by following our Vigil’s Torch farming guide.

Firstly, you may save a little time for the more apparent suggestions, utilizing Enchant Gloves - Shadowlands Gathering, which will shorten the time necessary to harvest the herbs 3 times, which is very big, because sometimes it differentiates between fighting a mob and getting away with the plants. So, this is an enormous saver of time.

Another concern is the mounting problem as dismounting and mounting back-up are the largest waste of time. First of all, if any random mob tries to assault you, you want to prevent being forcibly removed from your mount. You may either change to a tanking specialty or you can obtain a Comfortable Rider's Barding.

Secondly, while you're still running you can pick one of the two potential mount selections. You can naturally use the travel form if you're a druid and that's the easiest approach. The alternative is to have a Sky Golem mount that enables the player to perform all the same actions while mounted.

Unfortunately, you cannot do more than that to make your work faster, but you should be in good shape and have your bags fully in no time if you follow Vigil’s Torch farming guide.

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