Widowbloom farming guide

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Posted: 27/07/2022

Widowbloom farming guide

Good day to you! We are happy to welcome you to our next farming guide focusing on different materials that have appeared in Shadowlands expansion. In this Widowbloom farming guide we are going to give you unique information regarding the gathering professions in Shadowlands as well as our optimized and tested routes for gathering of Widowbloom.

However, before we start with the farming itself, we would like to give you first some information. First of all, what is Widowbloom? Of course, it is one of the six new herbs that came with the Shadowlands and can be found in the new lands.

Why Widowbloom? Well, this herb is quite a handy one on top of being an ingredient for many potions that are often used in PvP and Arenas, such as the Potion of Unhindered Passing, Potion of Shaded Sight as well as the Spectral Flask of Power.

Lastly, one other important change is the fact that with the dawn of Shadowlands, one difference from all previous expansion is the fact that herbs are now zone-locked. What that means is, the majority of herbs, with essentially one exception, can only be found in one zone that is native to them and nowhere else. Unlike the system that was in place until now, where herbs were all present in the zones that shared the same level range.

The problematic consequence of this is the fact that now everyone is competing over the limited resources in the same areas since they don’t get to choose. This means that oftentimes, farming might be more difficult, especially during peak hours.

Widowbloom is one of those herbs. It can only be found in Revendreth. However, while that is true, Revendreth is not a bad place to farm due to some good areas and quite quick respawn timers of Widowbloom. Hence, it shouldn’t be too problematic to farm, especially with the paths that we are going to present later in this Widowbloom farming guide so stay tuned and keep on reading.

Widowbloom farming routs

Shadowlands changed many things in World of Warcraft. Many of them are also connected with how herbs are gathered, and while the process itself did not change much and any player who has arrived at the new content should be more than familiar with it, there were some changes that you should be aware of before proceeding with this Widowbloom farming guide.

One of those big changes is the fact that dissimilar to many herbs you remember from the past expansions, like Liferoot, which only grew next to rivers and ponds. Now, the new herbs have no need for any kind of special environment.

On the other hand, you will now, find no resources whatsoever nearby cities or settlements. Any inhabited safe zone is not going to bring you any profits because of that. However, the further you move away, up to a point, the more nodes you will notice.

As for the farming routes, we would like to recommend one very good and safe route, one which is a tad bit more dangerous, as well as a good spot to hang around if you don’t like running after herbs and we will tell you why it is a recommendation.

First of all, a good route is in the lower part of Revendreth. You should start off on the western part, south of the Castle of Nathria. From there you should make way along the center of the areas on both sides of the river. Once you cross and are now heading south, you want to explore towards Darkhaven from the southern side, to then bounce off towards Pridefall Hamlet, up to the gate and then north, until you get to the pool of water where you will start heading back to the starting area.

Widowbloom farming guide route 1

A second good route is focused on the western part of the zone. You should begin south of the wall where Stonehead is and do a circle around the central areas of the three areas divided by the river, just like in the previous route. Afterwards, head back through the crack in the wall guarded by Stonehead, unless you befriended him by doing the Snacks for Stonehead quest, in which case you want to just cross the wall. Having done that simply go around the whole western area following its borders. However, you should avoid going into the walled area to the north, since it is full of elite monsters, unless you have a way of getting past them.

Widowbloom farming guide route 2

As for the aforementioned spot for farming Widowbloom, we recommend you go to Dreadhollow area, which is located south-west of Wanecrypt Hill. There you can just run laps around. While the area might seem like it has pretty low density of nodes, there are still plenty of them and best of all, they have a very short respawn there, making it a good spot for some lazy farming.

Widowbloom farming guide route 3

Following those instructions and routes we have provided you in this Widowbloom farming guide you should have no problem gathering far more than you need in no time. Happy hunting!

Widowbloom farming tips

Apart from the ideal pathways, you can take a few more actions in order to make your farming even quicker and easier with our Widowbloom farming guide.

The Enchant Gloves - Shadowlands Gathering is one of the most helpful ones. This enchantment takes the regular harvesting period from 1.5 seconds to 0.5 seconds, which not only helps you optimize your time, but also prevents you from drawing monsters notice, and may occasionally allow you to obtain the herb and bolt before a battle that may cost you valuable time.

Another problem is that you must be mounted when you travel and because of that you can be dismounted if you are attacked by a mob. The issue is solved if you are a tank, as tanking specialties shield you against this effect. However, we strongly advise others to get a Comfortable Rider's Barding.

In terms of mounting, as we are all aware, it is mostly difficult to collect resources while mounted, but this problem has various ways it can be solved. First of all, if you are druid, it's simple to remedy, since you may just pick herbs in your travel form without becoming a human again. It's a far bigger deal for anyone else, though, since need to obtain a Sky Golem, the only mount that makes it possible for the player to interact when mounted.

Besides that, you can't do much to speed up the process, but you should be well and keep your bags full without difficulty if you listen to our Widowbloom farming guide.

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