WoW Token

What is a WoW Token?


Practically, one WoW Token is a "portal" between new and veteran players in the World of Warcraft community. First of all, if you're starting your journey in the game, you'll probably need a lot of Gold to unlock/earn a lot of stuff. For example, you probably need to invest some of your income to buy heirlooms or increase your mounts' speed. On the other hand, if you're a veteran, you probably have many "farms" that let you accumulate a lot of passive income. Therefore, you could extend your game time by acquiring a WoW Token and play for another 30 days.

Indeed, to make the exchange, you'll need to use the local WoW auction house or use the in-game shop interface. Depending on your region, the EU WoW Token or the US WoW Token may give you different amounts of Gold. As a result, check the in-game currency's potential income before making the WoW Token trade.

Last but not least, you could exchange a WoW Token for additional credits to your virtual wallet for the store. With these credits, you could purchase different WoW items or other add-ons for different available games on the store.

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