Marrowroot farming guide

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Posted: 24/07/2022

Marrowroot farming guide

Hello there! We would like to present to you yet another one of our series of guides on farming different resources in Shadowlands. In this Marrowroot farming guide we are going to focus on gathering this particular herb in an optimal and efficient fashion.

First of all, however, before we get started there, here is some basic information that you might find useful beforehand. Marrowroot is, of course, one of the six new herbs that were introduced in the Shadowlands expansion.

The Marrowroot is an important herb, which is an ingredient for many potions and flasks, in particular, the Spectral Flask of Stamina,, Spectral Flask of Power, the Potion of Spectral Intellect or the Potion of Unhindered Passing.

It is also important to note probably the most important of changes that came with the Shadowlands expansion. Now, most herbs are zone-locked, meaning that you can only see them in certain zones that they are exclusive to. The unfortunate consequence of that is the fierce competition you might see since everyone who wants to obtain a certain herb is going to be in the same area.

Unfortunately, Marrowroot is one of such herbs, since it only grows in Maldraxxus. On the upside, it can be said to grow there in ample supply, especially if you decide to follow the optimized routes that we are going to present in this Marrowroot farming guide.

Marrowroot farming routes

The Shadowlands expansion has brought quite a few changes to how resources are harvested. While the process itself should be familiar to even new players, not to mention veterans of World of Warcraft. However, still in this Marrowroot farming guide, we recommend you keep on reading to see what has changed.

The one change that is really important when it comes to farming is that unlike in the previous expansions, the herbs now are not limited to particular areas in the zone, while also not having any additional requirements for their growing environment. Hence, there are no herbs like Liferoot, which only grows next to rivers and ponds.

The only actual limitation is that no harvestable resources can be found nearby settlements or cities. On the contrary, the further away you move from the city, up to a certain degree, the more herbs you are going to find. Hence, we recommend that you go and explore if you wish to find any herbs.

Now, moving onto the farming and routes that we recommend in our Marrowroot farming guide. We would like you to have a look at two possible routs which are comparable in terms of the amounts of Marrowroot that you can get per cycle, although the biggest issue with farming in Maldraxxus is the layout of the map.

We recommend that you begin your run a little south of the entrance to the Theater of Pain. Afterwards, you want to start going east towards Plaguefall, but before you enter the area start heading North-east, make a circle around the area with pools of slime, and then start heading west towards the Theater of Pain again. Once you are there, now begin heading North till you reach another pool of slime and the House of Eyes, which you want to follow south-west and then towards The Spearhead, and back to your starting location a little below the Seat of the Primus.

Marrowroot farming guide route 1

Alternatively, you can also take a shorter route. To do so, you can begin North of the Theater of Pain, explore around the Forgotten Wounds area, and head towards the House of Eyes, while staying near the mountains, then explore carefully the area around the Sepulcher of Knowledge and the slime pools that are in the area. Then head towards the Spearhead location and in the way of the southern part of the Theater of Pain to then return to the starting location of this path.

Marrowroot farming guide route 2

Following those routes, we described in this Marrowroot farming guide you should quickly have more than enough herbs for whatever crafting or business venture you have planned. Good hunting Adventurer!

Marrowroot farming tips

The optimal routes aside, there are a few more measures you can take to make your farming with our Marrowroot farming guide even faster and easier.

One of the more useful ones is to get the Enchant Gloves - Shadowlands Gathering. This enchant makes the normal gathering time go from the usual 1.5 seconds to 0.5 seconds, which can make a huge difference, not only optimizing your time, but also helps you avoid getting the attention of monsters, and sometimes might help you get the herb and bolt before you get into a fight that could cost you precious time.

Another issue it the one that comes with being mounted, since if you get attacked by a mob, you can be dismounted. If you are a tank, that problem is solved, since tanking specializations protect you from this effect. For others, however, we recommend you get a Comfortable Rider's Barding.

Speaking of mounts, as we all know, for the most part it is impossible to gather resources while mounted, however, there are some solutions to this problem. First of all, it is an easy solve if you are a druid, since you can just use your travel form to harvest, without turning back into your human form. For everyone else however, it is a much harder choice, since you have to get a Sky Golem mount, which is the only mount in existence that enables you to perform interactions while mounted.

Other than that, there isn't much you can do to speed up the process, but if you stick to our Marrowroot farming guide, you should be good and have your bags filled in no time.

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