Tunnel Trudger Footguards - World of Warcraft item

Tunnel Trudger Footguards

Tunnel Trudger Footguards
Item Level 50
Binds when picked up
14 Armor
+11 Intellect
+16 Stamina
+15 Critical Strike
+6 Haste
Durability 65 / 65

Jacin's Ruse (0/2)
Guileful Intruder Handguards
Tunnel Trudger Footguards

(2) Set: Your spells and attacks have a chance to increase your Mastery by 48 for 15 sec.
Sell Price: 5
Gold Coin
Silver Coin
Cooper Coin

About Tunnel Trudger Footguards

Jacin's ruse armor set consists of two parts - shoes and gloves. At the moment of equipping both items, the character receives a bonus that increases the mastery by 48 points.

The item can be obtained by defeating one of the bosses in The Arcway instance. Ivanyr is quite a demanding opponent, but by interrupting his spells, he becomes defenseless.

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