The Arcway Dungeon: Bosses, Location, Entrance

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Posted: 05/05/2021

The Arcway is a dungeon available in the Legion expansion. The entrance to it is on the west side of the city of Suramar on the mainland of The Broken Isles. Daredevils who decide to fight in this location will have to defeat 5 bosses. Entering the instance itself is not very easy. Players who plan to go there for the first time should carefully check the coordinates, because everything is underground and it is easy to get lost there. The complex of underground rooms and tunnels was created thousands of years ago and runs under the foundations of the entire city. If thanks to Chromia we are in the Legion, this dungeon is level 45.

List of Bosses

The Arcway Bosses

Ivanyr - Nightwell in Suramar gave the local inhabitants life force and power. Unfortunately, Ivanyr was deprived of access to it and thrown into the underground of the city. Wandering around the Arcway, it slowly faded away until he managed to locate the relics in the archives of Suramar's great library. Fighting this opponent requires a lot of mobility, so it can be difficult for classes that use spells. The whole group, however, can only focus on dealing damage to Ivanyr. From this opponent we can get one of the jacin's ruse armor set - Tunnel Trudger Footguards

Corstilax - It was created to search for and repair anomalies that appear in the tunnels of Suramar. Any living thing that comes to Arcway is considered an undesirable element and will be attacked. You can find him when repairing a break that negatively affects power transmission from Nightwell. Fighting this enemy shouldn't be too much of a problem. It doesn't force you to move much. The party should use abilities that deal damage to a single target.

Nal'tira - For many years, Nal'tira has been exposed to mysterious energy. This huge, massive spider is very agile and can deal great damage. Its nest is under a large mana tree, appearing near this place will cause the Manafangs to charge at the intruders. After defeating all waves of enemies, move away from the center of the room as quickly as possible. Nal'tira will jump from the ceiling to that spot and attack immediately. The most important aspect of the fight is killing the Manafangs that appear every 20-30 seconds. Each damaging player should stop attacking Nal'tira and focus on the mobs.

General Xakal - The Legion forces are hidden in the tunnels of Suramar. Their chief commander is Xakal, who awaits orders from Gul'dan. The fight mainly focuses on dealing damage to the boss. From time to time, however, he summons the Dread Felbats. When they appear, all people responsible for dealing damage should defeat them as soon as possible.

Advisor Vandros - He is the closest of Elisanda's advisers. Nightwell is second only to his ruler in his abilities to control over-use of powers. The rebels' actions forced him to go underground and make sure everything was working according to Elisande's plan. Unlike the other bosses in Arcway, the fight with Advisor Vandros is divided into two phases. In the first stage of the fight, you must break all the boss's spells and kill the mobs as quickly as possible. When Advisor Vandros has 50% of his health, he will start casting the Banished In Time spell. This ability will take players to a point in the Arcway. The task will be to get back to the boss as quickly as possible and in time. On the way, we will meet many opponents who will want to stop us.

The Arcway entrance

The Arcway entrance

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