World of Warcraft will get more character customization options

Author: WoWAnalytica
wow customization
Posted: 23/08/2021

The developers of World of Warcraf Shadowlands announced a return to the idea, which was announced immediately after the release of the new expansion. Then, however, during the online event, Blizzcone withdrew from this idea, which greatly worried the fans.

Recently, however, the company announced that World of Warcraft has been put into repair mode, because the current condition of their game is tough and the number of players is systematically declining. The fact is, however, that with the release of patch 9.1.5, there will be additional character creation options, which primarily include Allied Races.

Elf customization

The first batch of new customization options includes new hairstyles, tattoos, hair and skin colors, and an adjustable tail length for both Lightforged and Nightborne. In addition, we will also introduce ear size options and new forms of travel for Druids.

WoW druid customization

A large number of druid players today are impressed by the transformations introduced in the Battle of Azeroth expansion to the Alied Race - the Zandalari Troll and Kultiras. The possibility of modifying the forms has been very well received by the community of players who hope that the still present form of Shaman's wolf will be improved.

As for the Night Fae, there are already several different soul shapes in the game to choose from. It is also worth mentioning that some time ago, several other shapes were found in the game files that have not been introduced yet.

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