Neural Autonomy - World of Warcraft item

Neural Autonomy

Neural Autonomy
Blue Punchcard
Item Level 74
Binds when picked up
Equip: Gain Neural Silencer, making you immune to some annoyances.
Requires Rustbolt Resistance - Friendly
"Annoyances include Leap of Faith, threat redirecting abilities, and some gadgets like the Swapblaster."
Sell Price: 12
Gold Coin
Silver Coin

About Neural Autonomy

This item, Neural Autonomy, can be bought from the Stolen Royal Vendorbot in Mechagon for 64g.

The item seems to work similarly to the Neural Silencer. It prevents you from using or being a target of spells, such as: Tricks of the Trade, Misdirection, and Leap of Faith. It is highly recommended not to use this item in a group, especially if you are a main tank or an off-tank in a raid party, since it will make threat transfers impossible.

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