Glyph of Storm's Wake - World of Warcraft item

Glyph of Storm's Wake

Glyph of Storm's Wake
Classes: Mage
Use: Your Water Elemental is replaced by the light blue favored by the Tidepriests.
Sell Price: 1
Silver Coin

About Glyph of Storm's Wake

The Glyph of Storm's Wake gives the mage's water elemental a new, grey and storm-like look. It is similar and exclusive with the following other glyphs:

The only way of obtaining the Technique: Glyph of Storm's Wake is from Storm's Wake Supplies, from which it has a low chance of dropping. The color swap, resulting from this glyph is comparable to the model of the monster – Living Current in Shrine of the Storm dungeon. Moreover, it has been reported to add extra splashing sounds when you move or stop.

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