Glyph of Fel Wings - World of Warcraft item

Glyph of Fel Wings

Glyph of Fel Wings
Classes: Demon Hunter
Use: You now have green wings when Glide is active. (1 Sec Cooldown)
Sell Price: 1
Silver Coin

About Glyph of Fel Wings

This Glyph changes the visual effect of the Glide ability of the Demon Hunters, making them green.

The Glyph of Fel Wings can be bought from Mr. Gryph, a Glyph Vendor in Dalaran, or crafted by an inscription artisan. The Technique: Glyph of Fel Wings is a global drop in legion related areas, although a popular farming spot for this recipe is in north-west of Highmountain, since it has quite a decent drop chance from Skeletal Misthounds.

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