Glowing Shard of Sciallax - World of Warcraft item

Glowing Shard of Sciallax

Glowing Shard of Sciallax
Item Level 50
Binds to Blizzard account
+16 Item Levels
Sell Price: 6
Gold Coin
Silver Coin
Cooper Coin

About Glowing Shard of Sciallax

The Glowing Shard of Sciallax is a rare relic, which can be equipped to increase the item levels. This is a new piece introduced in Legion. Those relics are divided into two parts – crafted and 'unearthed'.

The crafted relics are unique and as such only one can be equipped on a Artifact weapon. However, that does not include those obtained from Archeology, like this one.

The Glowing Shard of Sciallax is one of the rewards from the quest – Uncovering the Orb of Sciallax. Which is an Archeology quest line, starting at Dariness the Learned in Dalaran.

There are other variations depending on the specialisation you have and the class you play. Those other similar items, which can be obtained from the same quest are:

Since they are all BoA items, that means that you can transfer them between characters, however, do remember that once the artifact is applied to a weapon, it will be destroyed if you attempt to replace it or add a different one.

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