Armored Vaultbot - World of Warcraft item

Armored Vaultbot

Armored Vaultbot
Use: Teaches you how to summon this companion.

About Armored Vaultbot

A rather peculiar pet, especially when it comes to its acquisition. Getting the Armored Vaultbot requires the player to aggro the rare elite mob and bring it to Bolten Springpsark in Bondo’s Scrap Yard where it will be shortly sucked up by the Robot Cruncher.

Afterwards, the player needs to loot the heap of treasure left, which can sometimes have inside of it the blueprint – Blueprint: Vaultbot Key to craft the Armored Vaultbot Key. The key then has to be used on the Armored Vaultbot, killing it in a blaze of fire and causing it to drop the pet.

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