Wrath of the Lich King Classic will get a reworked Battle for Wintergrasp

Author: WoWAnalytica
Battle for Wintergrasp
Posted: 24/07/2022

There is still some time until the premiere of Wrath of the Lich King Classic. We can expect on the creators to only make the last light touches to the game engine. Unexpectedly, Blizzard has just announced a significant change to the Battle for Wintergrasp. For peoples who don't play the addition with the Lich King, the aforementioned PVP zone allowed for a great battle between factions - one was defending the fortress, and the other was supposed to conquer it. And there was a lot to fight. Castle controllers had the opportunity to perform a Vault of Archavon raid, talk to unique PVP NPCs and obtain particular tasks.


At the beginning of the fight, both factions who came near the zone received an invitation and had to express their willingness to take part in the skirmish for control over Wintergrasp. However, if we did not want to participate, the system did not allow us to enter the conflict zone

Blizzard decided to turn this attraction into a battleground in Wrath of the Lich King Classic. Battle for Wintergrasp will now start every three hours. Before take-off, players in Wintergrasp or the mage town Dalaran will receive a notification. Thanks to it, you can sign up for the event. The system will automatically transfer players willing to take part in the skirmish. Like other PVP matches, this will be an instantiated zone version.

However, if other side runs out of fighters, the system will empower the weakened by imposing a Tenacity buff that is much stronger than in the original version. Players of the winning faction, in addition to a particular raid, will receive a super buff, increasing the experience received by 5% and allowing you to get Stone Keeper's Shards from each boss in the instances.

The biggest unknown is who will ultimately win the Battle for Wintergrasp. From the Blizzard information, it will be possible to take several skirmishes simultaneously, mainly depending on the number of people willing to participate. Let's hope we find out soon enough. Finally, fighting for this location was unique in the original version of the game, especially access to a raid where Bosses dropped PVP items.

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