World of Warcraft Shadowlands patch 9.0.5 live

Author: WoWAnalytica
The Wandering Ancient
Posted: 10/03/2021

Patch 9.0.5 has now been rolled out to all regions. In short, we've got changes to classes, covenants, and legendary items. The Wandering Ancient mount is being shipped to Shadowlands owners, and Torghast has several facilities. In The Maw, you can craft a dedicated mount and the Valor Points system is back.

Valor Point System

A separate article has already been prepared about the system, which you can find here - Valor Points System in Shadowlands. The developers, however, after the intervention of the game community, decided to eliminate the number of points they had on the character at once. Currently, we are only limited by the weekly cap, which is 5000 in the first week. Nevertheless, something the World of Warcraft community feared has emerged, which is how many Valor Points we will get from one mythic + dungeon.

Valor Point's number for mythic +

Until now, no one knew how much of this new currency we would get and it was speculated that depending on the difficulty level, there will probably be more or less of it. Well no, Blizzard has opted for a fixed number of 135 Valor Points for completing the mythic + dungeon. It does not matter its level, we will always get a specific number of points. It is not known if this will soon be changed in World of Warcraft, but players note that it was similar in the Legion. As a result, if you want to obtain the right amount of points to upgrade an item, you will have to farm mythic +2 dungeons, which is said to be the most efficient. The community is not satisfied, because it supposedly kills the sense of playing on higher keys, apart from getting the base item to upgrade.

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