The pursuit to complete the Sanctum of Domination raid on Mythic level has begun

Author: WoWAnalytica
Sanctum Of Domination Tarragrue
Posted: 14/07/2021

The mythical difficulty of the Sanctum of Domination raid makes its debut this week. After two weeks of learning raid tactics on lower difficulty levels, the best guilds set out to fight for the title.

For several years, with the advent of new raids, there has been a great competition between the best guilds in the world. Each of them wants to be the first to complete all boos on a mythical level. The event also aroused great interest in the community and sponsors, who are willing to sponsor many amenities so that players can focus on cleaning the raid. It is also worth mentioning that the streamed struggles are very eagerly watched by not only World of Warcraft players. Raid score

Currently, the leaders of the classification are players of the Complexity Limit guild, who have already defeated 5 out of 10 bosses. The American team is very experienced and it was they who won the last two World Firsts. One of the advantages is that the patch with the mythical Sanctum of Domination was released yesterday. This, however, does not bother the European guild Echo, who already come in second place.

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