The Most Popular Group in Shadowlands Season 2

Author: WoWAnalytica
Mythic dungeon season 2
Posted: 06/08/2021

Mythical dungeons are made for players who don't have time to raid or just don't like to do it. There are many factors that can contribute to a negative attitude towards raids, such as no guild, no free time, and a lot of hard work to learn all the boss mechanics.

Unfortunately, the so-called mythic+ have their problems as well. One of the largest is the so-called meta - that is, specific classes that are currently the best for healing, dps and tanking. In the upper dungeons, you can most often encounter a lack of interest from group leaders who will not accept a class that is not in the finish.

As several weeks of the second season have already passed, we can confidently set the current finish line.

The most popular teams in Shadowlands Season 2

Top 3 groups belowe - data was prepared on the basis of and
  • Guardian Druid (Tank), Holy Paladin (Healer), Balance Druid (DPS), Frost Mage (DPS), Havoc Demon Hunter (DPS)
  • Guardian Druid (Tank), Holy Paladin (Healer), Frost Mage (DPS), Havoc Demon Hunter (DPS), Elemental Shaman (DPS)
  • Guardian Druid (Tank), Holy Paladin (Healer), Frost Mage (DPS), Havoc Demon Hunter (DPS), Elemental Shaman (DPS)

In addition to the above-mentioned teams in the tank position in the top ten, we can also see the hunter demon, which, even after considerable nerfs in patch 9.1, can still be a great support. We can see similar conclusions in the practitioner's position, where we can find restoration shaman.

The beating classes are mainly mages and demon hunters. The third person is a hunter, druid or shaman interchangeably.

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