The Great Push - a new tournament organized by Blizzard

Author: WoWAnalytica
The Great Push
Posted: 08/04/2021
Shadowlands CUP

The end of the first part of Shadowlands is not the best moment lately. Lots of people are just resting to get ready for patch 9.1, which should come to the game in two or three months. However, to spice up this time for the players, Blizzard prepared the first one-time tournament in the dungeons.

The Great Push is the first tournament in the history of the game to focus on teams making the highest possible keys. So this tournament is not about making dungeons as fast as possible. The team that completes the highest level of mythic + dungeon wins.

The Great Push - how it works

  • A team of five to compete for prizes in the $ 20,000 pool. You can apply here
  • The competition will begin in the Proving Grounds qualifying phase on May 22-23. Each team will receive two key combinations (different afixes). The teams that score the highest possible level of one of the keys win.
  • The six best teams from around the globe will qualify for the final stage and compete in various Shadowlands Dungeons to reach the highest level possible.
  • The team with the highest average mythic dungeons key score will be the champion
  • Teams can only apply to the tournament until May 17!
The Great Push - calendar

Each of us will be able to watch live teams in the finals via YouTube and Twitch. Thanks to this, players from the World of Warcraft community will be able to see the best players on the globe - how they cope with the most demanding dungeons.

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