The ending of the raid in patch 9.1 split the fans

Author: WoWAnalytica
Sylvanas Shadowlands
Posted: 11/07/2021

World of Warcraft players know the end of the new raid that appeared with the advent of Chains of Domination. The final boss is Sylvanas Windrunner, which is a very demanding boss and probably the best guild in the world will take a long time to defeat her. There are many indications that this is the end of the saga of the dark heroine from the game.

In early July, patch 9.1 was released to World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, introducing some changes, fixes, and news. The most important of them are - a new area called Korthia, repairing the buggy demon hunter ability (which has been working since the beginning of the Legion!), The "reconnect" button, the ability to get flying and the raid Sanctum of Domination. The game society has been wondering what awaits the Banshee queen for several months. From the very beginning, the creators showed how spoiled and evil Sylvana is, who in the earlier expansion did a lot of harm. However, this did not affect the theories of fans that much, who mostly agree that she will probably be able to redeem her guilt.

The cinematics after defeating Sylvanas shows that she has carefully understood that Jailer is the enemy. Even after turning away from her Lord, the heroine was not punished, on the contrary, she was given a part of her soul.

The end of the raid divided the players into people who thought that it was worth waiting more than 6 months for patch 9.1. The second group thinks that this ending is trivial and it was predictable - judging the updates very low.

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