Shadowlands new levels of legendary items

Author: WoWAnalytica
Shadowlands Torghast
Posted: 20/04/2021

In Shadowlands, the developers decided to change the system of special weapons that characters from the world of Azeroth can get. Probably a very big influence on this was the badly received and still negatively mentioned system from Heart of Azeroth.

Currently, the legendary items that we can create in the game can reach maximum rank 4 and 235 item level. With the arrival of the new 9.1 update and the addition of the new Sanctum of Rulership raid, our great legendary item can be upgraded to Rank 6, bringing the final item level to 260. Only the last two bosses of the new raid will be able to give the player items with level 259.

Ranks for Legendars in patch 9.1

  • Rank 1 - Item level 190 of a legendary item
  • Rank 2 - Item level 210 of a legendary item
  • Rank 3 - Item level 225 of a legendary item
  • Rank 4 - Item level 235 of a legendary item
  • Rank 5 - Item level 250 of a legendary item
  • Rank 6 - Item level 260 of a legendary item

Currently, the Torghast Soul Ash belief was required to upgrade the item. Each week you can get a certain number of them, so it is worth focusing on one item. Developers, however, at BlizzCon announced that a new currency will appear on the new floors of Torghast (9-12), thanks to which we will be able to increase the rank of the legendary item to 5 and 6.

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