Shadowlands Mythic Dungeon International Cup

Author: WoWAnalytica
Posted: 25/01/2021
Shadowlands CUP

The first championship Shadowlands Mythic Dungeon just started. We will be able to admire the best teams in the world fighting in 8 new dungeons. The tournament is divided into 4 knockout phases with a total prize pool of over $ 20,000 per cup. Over 200 teams will fight not only for cash prizes but also for ranking points. The top six will advance to Season 1 Global Finals, where they will compete for the MDI Global Champions title with two Chinese teams.

Shadowlands Season 1 Cups

Let's recall the rules. The team consists of five players. One tank, heala and three players responsible for DPS. The game is played in a ladder phase. Two teams fight each other, up to three points.They get them if they complete the entire instance first, kill all bosses and get the appropriate amount of cleared thrash. List of dungeons that can be drawn - The Necrotic Wake, Plaguefall, Mists of Tirna Scithe, Halls of Atonement, Theater of Pain, De Other Sidem Spires of Ascension and Sanguine Depths. As one of the best teams in the world joins the tournament, it is worth observing their tactics and games to facilitate the performance of high-level mythic.

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