Rextroy event 40warriors vs 40 warlocks.

Author: WoWAnalytica
Rextroy event
Posted: 12/07/2021

One of the most popular World of Warcraft players once again surprises the public with his avoidable ideas. This time Rextroy invited players representing warriors and warlocks to an interesting event.

For people who do not know the mentioned player - he is very popular thanks to finding strange ways to beat solo raids and creating interesting events. A few hours ago, he organized a fight between 40 warriors and 40 worlocks. Two powerful teams met in the well-known Alterec Valley, where a 5-round match was played. On the one hand, a class that can deal great melee damage, against a class that can summon monsters, and has many stuns.

Ultimately, the duel ended with a victory for the Warlocks, who dominated the game by winning four rounds. Many people think that it was a very good idea and would like to see more duels between other classes.

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