Pending patch for Shadowlands. Amazing feats of players

Author: WoWAnalytica
World of Wacraft Maldraxxus
Posted: 13/04/2021

The first phase of the Shadowlands expansion ended some time ago. Many players decided to make themselves free from World of Warcraft, others decided to use the free time from raids and progression to collect mounts or perform achievements. There was also a group of other enthusiasts who decided to spend this time completely differently - test their skills in every way. We have compiled some of the most important / interesting feats of players.

A mage without weapons defeats the Boss

The arrival of Torghast divided the World of Warcraft community. Some people do all the stuff just once a week to get Soul Ash. However, there are such enthusiasts who spend a lot of time there and have fun. The tower located in The Maw gives you the opportunity to build interesting character variants. On the internet you can find many videos presenting the amazing achievements of the passage of the Torghast floors. He decided to kill Twisting Corridors Floor 18 boss alone. The feat itself raises great respect, but our hero decided to strip his character and get rid of all items. It is worth paying attention to the Anima Powers presented after killing the opponent. Maybe someone will try to repeat this feat.

Lonely killing a Sludgefist - one of the bosses of Castle Nathria raid

A certain Palladine is not typical people to spend time in the game. Rextroy, because that is the name of the daredevil character, decided to defeat one of the bosses of the current raid in Shadowlands alone. Sludgefist is a very demanding opponent who has already defeated many daredevils. That is why Rextroy made a very strong impression on the game community. You can watch a shortened version of the fight video and the preparations related to it below.

Mythic + level 19 without a healing character.

A group of daredevils decided to test their playing skills and knowledge of classes and defeat their opponents on level 19 mythic + dungeon. In this group we saw Tank Paladin, and four DPS classes - Fire Mage, Balance Druid, Shadow Priest and Windwalker Monk. The self-healing abilities of the Palladin class and the immobilizing spells available to his companions were very helpful here.

The test version of patch 9.1 for Shadowlands is coming to test servers in a few days. This is the first major update, introducing, among other things, a new location. Remembering the previous additions, these patches needed about two / three months of testing, so it is possible that we will play on a new content this summer. You can find out more about the upcoming changes here - Shadowlands 9.1.

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