Lunar New Year Sale - only hours left

Author: WoWAnalytica
Lunar New Year Sale
Posted: 03/02/2022
Burning Crusade Classic

As a reminder, the current Lunar New Year promotion will end in a few hours.Many games and services have been discounted in the Store. For World of Warcraft players looking to get started, Burning Crusade Classic will find some pretty cool promotions.

Lunar New Year Sale World of Warcraft

  • Burning Crusade Classic - Dark Portal Pass | price 27.99 (30% discount )
  • Burning Crusade Classic - Deluxe Edition | price 45.49 (30% discount )
  • Burning Crusade Classic Upgrade to Deluxe Edition | price 17.50 (30% discount )
  • Burning Crusade Classic Character Transfer | price 17.50 (30% discount )

Lunar New Year Sale

Wen Lo, The River's Edge

On the occasion of the new year, people who buy a game subscription for 6 months will receive several valuable additions, including the flying mount Wen Lo, which was born in the beautiful land that we know from the Pandaria expansion. The half-year subscription until the end of February 3 can be purchased 15% cheaper. For active players and mount collectors it is a very good offer, especially since patch 9.2 should be released soon

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