In China - World of Warcraft begins the fight against the sale of boosts

Author: WoWAnalytica
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Posted: 08/03/2021

After the attacks on them by the World of Warcraft community, NetEase employees decided to react and start fighting the sellers. For several years, the game has seen a large number of ads selling boosts: mythic + dungeon, Heroic or Mythic raids, sometimes even PVP ratings. But let's start from the beginning and summarize the situation now.

What is Hall of Fame

This is a kind of "hall of fame" containing a list of the top 100 WoW guilds that coped with the last raid (Mythic level) the fastest. Joining the Hall of Fame is a dream for many players. Unfortunately - as is often the case in such cases - not all of them have high enough skills to be included in this elite group.

Real Money Trading

The best guilds and players have created a community that aims to clean raids for people for whom this part of the game has never been available. How does it look like? Every day at a certain time, veterans of the game who know tactics by heart and have experience take the person who paid for the Shadowlands raid with them. For them, it is pure profit, because such a team efficiently and quickly deals with opponents.

NetEase (the Chinese publisher of World of Warcraft) became suspicious that some of the Alliance players there won Hall of Fame: Sire Denathrius (Alliance) with RMT. This is evidenced by the internal logs of the game, which show exactly how the guilds, which so far had a huge problem with killing the boss and never aspired to be the top, suddenly end the raid with success, achieving amazing results.

NetEase representatives directly contact suspicious guilds, and then ask questions about specific mechanics or boss behavior during the fight. If the player does not know the details or evades the answer - he is marked and then even banned.

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