Great World of Warcraft cosplay - Lich King and Jaina Proudmoore

Author: WoWAnalytica
Lich King - World of Warcraft
Posted: 15/05/2022

The long-awaited moment has finally arrived. A moment ago, Blizzard announced another addition to the Classic version. Most likely, World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Classic will appear in the fourth quarter of this year.This news warmed the fans, who became interested again in the times when they were traversing the unfamiliar territory of Northrend.

Many famous cosplayers decided to celebrate this great news and refresh or make new disguises of the heroes of that time. Today we share with you materials made by “Aoki” and “Narga” - and check out their other cosplays Narga and Aoki

The love story of Jaina Proudmoore and Arthas will accompany us throughout most of the expansion. After all, before the aforementioned prince became the Lich king, he was very much associated with the sorceress. Jaina all the time believed that she would be able to save her beloved, who, in order to save his kingdom, began to gain strength that changed him.

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