GeoGuessr for World of Warcraft - check how well you know the world of Azeroth

Author: WoWAnalytica
WoW Sunwell
Posted: 19/11/2022

World of Warcraft celebrates it’s 18th birthday and the launch of the Dragonflight expansion for players. To celebrate their favorite game, Reddit users TheEdenChild created a version of GeoGuessr for World of Warcraft. It was a real challenge, because this work has over 100,000 locations from the game world!

GeoGuessr for World of Warcraft

What is GeoGuessr

It’s a popular browser game that entertains and teaches. Each round is a new place in the world. Your task is to pinpoint the location of a given place as accurately as possible only on the basis of photos from Google Street View and Mapillary in 360 degrees. The game tests not only your knowledge of geography, knowledge of the world and orientation in the field. In many cases, you have to be smart and intuitive.

World of Warcraft is the perfect choice for creating games based on GeoGuessr. Current game world is gigantic but has many wonderful and charming areas. Even the creators of the game more and more often decide to use the players' nostalgia and very well done historical locations. Now in Dragonflight, players must fight the ancient elements that attack Azeroth in lands long forgotten by players.

One of the most recognizing World of Warcraft streamers Asmongold decided to test his strength in GeoGuessr. The game gave him and the fans who watched his struggles a lot of fun.

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