End of Boosting in World of Warcraft TBC Classic

Author: WoWAnalytica
WoW TbC Stratholme
Posted: 26/07/2022
Burning Crusade Classic

From the beginning of the classic versions of the game - World of Warcraft - Blizzard has had problems with the boosters. On every server-gathering chat server, he was overwhelmed with news about selling a service to speed up the experience gain. Interestingly, people were eager to use the opportunity to easily accelerate their experience points.

Yesterday, however, the players were surprised. At the moment when the Burning Crusade Classic increased by 50% of experience gained, the creators also introduced several modifications that work in selected dungeons - most of the list are the ones most often used for boosting.

A list of changes:

  • Stratholme - Enemies use the new Knockdown ability that stuns the Paladins. Works through Divine Shield and Free Action Potion.
  • Shadow Labyrinth - Enemies, after repeatedly slowing down and immobilizing, teleport Mages who used this tactic.
  • Maraudona - Enemies become immune to all Slow and Root effects over time, similar to how it works on Mastery Season worlds.

One of the Arlaeus streamers presented how such boosting looks like.

Many Dungeons have a mechanic that prevents Mages and Paladins from Boosting. Using shelves and walls for kitesurfing and "resetting mobs" will make them teleport to you.

Did Blizzard do the right thing with such changes? Opinions are divided. Some people think that this has always been the case and should not be moved. Others, however, believe that this action made it possible to finally chat and find a group in all main chats. Time will tell if there are other ideas for faster leveling and if the creators will systematically introduce corrections that will successfully block such practices.

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