Burning Crusade Timewalking

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burning crusade timewalking
Posted: 04/08/2021

This week, the heroes of Azeroth can return to the old, forgotten dungeons of Burning Crusade. Each of the bosses defeated drops a Timewarped Badge, which can be exchanged for great rewards at a merchant in Shattrath City. Maybe these are instances developed a few years ago, but don't let the developers feel confident, they will make sure that it is not an easy matter.

When visiting Oribos, it is possible to start a so-called weekly quest that can be obtained from Kah-Toll. After completing it - i.e. completing 5 dungeons - we will get Cache of Sanctum Treasures. For people with a low inventory level, this is a great opportunity to increase it a bit, because by opening the chests we will receive a random item from the latest raid at level 226. It is also possible to obtain an item Shrouded Timewarped Coin that can be returned in the faction capital to receive 500 Timewarped Badge.

The Burning Crusade dungeons

During the Timewalking event, we will only get access to 6 out of 15 dungeons. Depending on the length and number of bosses, players will receive an appropriate amount of badges for completing them. Also remember about dropping items, which at level 60 will scale to 184 item level.
  • The Arcatraz - 35 badges
  • The Black Morass - 30 badges
  • The Mana-Tombs - 35 badges
  • The Shattered Halls - 35 badges
  • The Slave Pens- 30 badges
  • The Mechanar - 35 badges

Black Temple

The warmly received idea by the gaming community about Timewalking dungeons allowed the game developer to decide that one of the most important raids in the history of Azeroth would be released in a similar form. Of course, we are talking about Black Temple, where we defeat one of the most famous characters - Illidan Stormrage. In this case, however, we will not be able to use the group search (LFR) to automatically start the fight. You need to gather the group yourself and talk to the NPC Vormu in Shattrach, who takes the whole party back in time to the Black Temple. After completing the raid, every player will receive Timewarped Illidari Battleplans in addition to great items mainly for beautifying their characters. This item will allow you to obtain additional badges from NPC Vormu.

Ilidan TBC

Burning Crusade reputation increased

Until the next week reset, there will be a reputation boosting (50% more) event for completing quests and dungeons related to the Burning Crusade expansion. This will make it much faster and easier for you to strengthen your reputation with the factions living in Outland.

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