Blizzard is fighting bot makers

Author: WoWAnalytica
Posted: 01/02/2021

The creator of World of Warcraft has taken a great step towards limiting the wave of bots flooding the game. The Easy WoW Toolbox (EWT) - one of the largest and most famous programs has closed.

Short information from the creator of the tool was posted on the web:

"After being reached by Blizzard, I decided that EWT development, support and sales must be discontinued. Despite being an independent platform, EWT allowed the development of many other tools that infringe Blizzard's terms of use. With the immediate stop of EWT services, these tools will also stop working, at least under the EWT platform. This is the last official announcement and no further comments will be done on this matter. Thank you for the support"
Easy Wow Toolbox

What opportunities did people using EWT get? Among other things, a bot for fishing, Simple key spammer, Auction House and Black Market timers, and many others. Of course, let's remember that the most important function here was to move the characters around the map and collect materials for herbalism and mining. The game community finally praised the game's publishers for fighting tools that make the game world a lot of fun. Hopefully, it won't end there, as there are many other similar tools available on the web.

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