Blizzard is changing the ways you can buy game time

Author: WoWAnalytica
Posted: 28/03/2021

Blizzard made some very big changes to game time purchases a few days ago that were not well received by the World of Warcraft community. As a reminder, in the game, there are two options for extending your adventures in the world of azeroth - subscription and game time. Many players, however, chose the second solution, because they could easily buy additional time and did not have to worry that they would forget about the subscription, which would withdraw money from their accounts at certain times.

In the Blizzard store, you could buy game time for 30, 60, 90, and even 180 days. However, Blizzard decided that these options were no longer needed and only left 60 days of playtime. We will have to pay $ 29.99 USD for this game period.

Wow game token

Nothing will change in the wow token system and this is one of the tempting opportunities that are now left for players who do not want to buy a subscription. Of course, the virtual currency of Blizzard has jumped significantly after the announced information with the game time.

At the moment, we are at the end of the first part of Shadowlands - the number of players has decreased and the purchase of the wow token is not optimal. Everything will change with the addition of patch 9.1, which, according to many leaks, is expected to appear around the holidays.

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