Blizzard banning boosting in World of Warcraft

Author: WoWAnalytica
Blizzard is struggling with boosting
Posted: 02/02/2022

According to the latest announcement, the company will pursue, suspend, and in extreme cases permanently ban people involved in large-scale boosting - i.e. on many servers / realms simultaneously.

Blizzard is fighting boosting

Boosting, however, will not disappear from World of Warcraft entirely. Top guilds will still be able to "sell" / "offer" their services for virtual gold, using - and only - the appropriate in-game channels. This idea will increase the importance of WoW Tokens, which will help ordinary players get the right amount of gold for a boost.

World of Warcraft SoD Boosting Example

Blizzard hits primarily external organizations, the so-called Boosting Community. They have websites or platforms that have made it big business. On the web, by typing the appropriate phrases, we can see many advertisements about boosting characters in World of Warcraft. In addition, recently companies have started to heavily advertise their in-game services, flooding players with private messages and publicly available channels.

A change to a big plus that could mark the beginning of World of Warcraft healing.

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