Queensguard Pauldrons - World of Warcraft item

Queensguard Pauldrons

Queensguard Pauldrons
Item Level 177
Binds when picked up
118 Armor
+39 Intellect
+60 Stamina
+23 Haste
+57 Mastery
Durability 85 / 85

Queensguard Warbark (0/9)
Queensguard Cloak
Queensguard Greathelm
Queensguard Chestplate
Queensguard Sabatons
Queensguard Gauntlets
Queensguard Greaves
Queensguard Pauldrons
Queensguard Girdle
Queensguard Vambraces

(3) Set: Increases your out-of-combat regeneration in outdoor Shadowland zones. While in your Covenant's realm, the regeneration amount is increased.
(5) Set: Soulshape's duration is increased by 4 sec and Flicker grants a short burst of speed while in outdoor Shadowland zones.
(8) Set: Your spells and abilities have a low chance to summon a Fae Guardian to protect you for 30 sec, increasing your Intellect by 60 while alive and periodically healing 5 nearby allies for 450 health.
Sell Price: 47
Gold Coin
Silver Coin
Cooper Coin

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