Moonsteel Broadsword - World of Warcraft item

Moonsteel Broadsword

Moonsteel Broadsword
Item Level 21
Binds when equipped
9 - 15 Damage
Speed 3.60
(3.3 damage per second)
+3 Stamina
+6 Critical Strike
+10 Haste
Durability 65 / 65
Sell Price: 55
Silver Coin
Cooper Coin
3D Model:

About Moonsteel Broadsword

Moonsteel Broadsword item required to complete the Jarl Needs a Blade quest. We can get it in two ways - first, the easiest way is to buy it at the Auction House. The second way is to get the recipe Plans: Moonsteel Broadsword and make it with blacksmithing. We can buy the recipe from a blacksmith in the city of Booty Bay. To make the item, we need:

According to many players, getting Moonsteel Broadsword is not profitable and they advise you to reject the quest, especially if you don't have too much gold.

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