Cache of Nathrian Treasures - World of Warcraft item

Cache of Nathrian Treasures

Cache of Nathrian Treasures
Item Level 200
Binds when picked up
"Rewards a piece of equipment for your Loot Specialization."

About Cache of Nathrian Treasures

It is an item that we will receive in return for completing the weekly task. We can take Emissary of War in Oribos. As a reward for performing four random mythic dungeons, we will get Cache of Nathrian Treasures. By opening the chest, we can get the item of Level 213. We can also perform the reward for another type of weekly task, which consists in completing a timewalk dungeon. The four older instances must be made. Here we get the Cache of Nathrian Treasures, from which we can get items for level 200.

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