WoW Token

What can I Buy in the Store?


If you have enough Gold to spare, with the WoW Token "program," you have the power to buy different goods from the Store. Therefore, if you have a high-level character that already lets you add insane amounts of Gold, you could use that currency for something else. Since you get the chance to buy a WoW Token from the WoW Auction House and exchange it for Store balance, the possibilities are almost limitless.

At the moment, you could spend your hard-earned Gold and turn it into:

  • Different Expansions from World of Warcraft: As we already know, there's always something new each year that lets us continue the never-ending journey. Above all, you could even earn enough Balance to acquire the "Digital Deluxe" editions.
  • Virtual Video Games: From the store, you have the opportunity to acquire amazing games. For example, Overwatch, Diablo, or even the annual Call of Duty. Most noteworthy, if you want to take a break from WoW and all that farming, you could give these games a little chance.
  • Hearthstone Goods: If you want to venture into the Trading Card Game genre, you could use that Store Balance to earn unique cards. Remember that Hearthstone has the option to give you another chance in the eSports area and give you more ways to make money. Therefore, you could take some advantages from buying Card Packs when a new Expansion drops.
  • World of Warcraft Related Services: Remember that you can also use the Store Balance to increase your account's efficiency. For example, you could invest your virtual currency in changing the Race of your Character. At the same time, you could Boost another "loon" to the maximum level. Last but not least, you also have the opportunity to make A Faction Change or Change your Characters to another server.

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