WoW Token

How Much Does a WoW Token Cost in Real Money?


If you want to venture into the WoW Token part of this fantastic game, the moment is now. Depending on the current region from your WoW account, the price may vary from time to time. Thankfully, the Store reduces any possible complications due to its accessibility and user-friendly interface. Hence, when there's any time of "need," you can always count on them for assistance.

At the moment, you could obtain a (silver) WoW Token in exchange for:

  • US - Americas & Oceania - $20 USD/$25 AUD.
  • EU - Europe - €20 EUR/ £17.
  • CN - China - ¥75.
  • KR - Korea - ₩22,000.
  • TW - Taiwan - NT$500.

When the purchase is complete, you'll need a couple of clicks to gather your Gold in your favorite WoW Realm and enjoy the possible enhancements. For example, you could use the extra Gold to increase your mounts' velocity or unlock all the possible heirlooms from the different classes. The potential is practically endless. But still, use it wisely in your WoW account.

It's worth noting that the Golden WoW Token counterpart (which is obtainable through the WoW Auction House) allows you to gather game time or Store balance. Most noteworthy, you can't use this WoW Token in the WoW Auction House for more Gold.

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