WoW Token

How Much Balance do I Get?


At the moment, you could exchange your WoW Tokens for some virtual currency in your Blizzard's Wallet. In other words, if you earn a lot of Gold in the game, you have the opportunity to acquire $15 in your account and use it in different ways. Indeed, with this feature, you could even start playing other games from the store if you so desire.

With this kind of freedom, veteran players in World of Warcraft can keep their high-level characters active. In their gaming sessions, they have the chance to earn Gold passively or by doing different activities through the entire server.

Let's recap for a bit. You could use your hard-earned money to purchase a WoW Token from the official in-game Shop. For example, you could click on the bottom-left side of the character select screen and look for the WoW Token between the menus. Afterward, you could sell the item at the Auction House for Gold.

The other option that you have is to obtain a WoW Token from the WoW Auction House in exchange for some in-game Gold. Later on, you can redeem it for 30-days of Game Time (hence a free month), or you could obtain $15 in your Balance. This virtual currency lets you buy different items from the Store.

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