WoW Token

Are There any Limitations in Buying and Selling WoW tokens?


With great power comes significant responsibilities. Sadly, every good thing in the World (especially on Warcraft) comes with a limit. Therefore, when it comes to WoW Tokens, you have a maximum of 10 units per week. With this limitation, the developers at Blizzard and give a somewhat safety measure that you wouldn't lose all the credits of your wallet in a matter of days. Indeed, this also helps when your kids have access to your credit card and have no control when they need to stop.

Additionally, you also have further limitations since you only can buy 36 WoW Tokens between 24 months, which allows you to manage your currencies. At the same time, you'll think before you invest in something useful from the interphase or inside the WoW Auction House.

Last but not least, any player that ventures in this endeavor may have a maximum of 10 WoW Tokens in their inventory. Therefore, you need to learn a lot about how the WoW Action House works and letting them "go" when there's no available space in your account. Depending on the demand, you could take advantage of the prices and earn more Balance over your inventory.

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