WoW TBC Classic Tailoring guide

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Posted: 29/06/2021
Burning Crusade Classic

WoW TBC Classic Tailoring guide

Hero of Azeroth! Welcome to another guide in the series of the Burning Crusade Classic profession guides. This guide is follows some of the information we have presented in our Classic guide, however, we also did our best to present to you the new additions and changes introduced in this new stage as clearly as possible.

Starting off with certain recommendations, not dissimilar to Classic, a recommended couple for Tailoring is Enchanting, since it goes well with Tailoring. That is because both of these do not require any gathering professions and excess items crafted with tailoring can serve to level-up enchanting. Which is even more true in TBC, since now making the staple item – Bolt of Imbued Netherweave, requires Arcane Dust in large quantities. Nevertheless, this is just our suggestion, and you are free to make whatever choice you like.

Other than that, if you have missed our classic guide, tailoring, as you might have expected allows players to craft cloth armor, as such it is a profession recommended for those who wear this type of armor, namely – priests, warlocks, and mages. These classes also benefit from many BoP items that can be used by them, as well as set bonuses that are only available to tailors.

Moreover, in TBC many new elements have been introduced to tailoring. Now, other than the aforementioned creations, tailors have gained a more varied ability. With the addition of specialty clothes, new items and bags, as well as new profession bags, and Spellthreads. All of which we will describe in detail in this WoW TBC Classic Tailoring guide, however, if you are only interested in the levelling guide, scroll down to the next part.

It is important here to note that in TBC, unlike in Classic, there is only one cloth in use for the necessary recipes, which is the Netherweave Cloth, which is used to make Bolt of Imbued Netherweave and Bolt of Soulcloth, as well as refined into other types of cloth in special locations, these specialty clothes are the Primal Mooncloth, Shadowcloth, Spellcloth.

As we have mentioned these reagents have to be crafted in special locations which are:

First of all, to craft the Bolt of Imbued Netherweave you are going to have to visit a Mana Loom in Shattrath’s Lower City, as well as have 3 Bolt of Netherweave and 2 Arcane Dust for each of those. There are two Mana Looms one at 66.5, 68.9 and the other one at 61.7, 70.9 next to Eral.

As for the specialty clothes, these are in a way similar to the Mooncloth from classic, as such they also have a long 92-hour cooldown, which is a separate timer for each of the clothes. For the Primal Mooncloth you must use 1 Bolt of Imbued Netherweave, 1 Primal Life, and 1 Primal Water. Moreover, you have to stand next to a Moonwell, which are located in some places in Azeroth as well as in Outland where you can find them in:

  • Zangramarsh at 80.4, 65.1, near Cenarion Refuge
  • Terokkar Forest at 45.1, 23.6, near Cenarion Thicket
  • Blade’s Edge, one at 62, 39 near Evergrove; and a second one at 37, 63 near Sylvanaar, however, this one is only available to Alliance players.

Upon crafting you also receive a buff that give you +12 health and +5 mana every second for one hour.

Next is the Shadowcloth, which can only be crafted in one place, that is the Altar of Shadows in Shadowmoon Valley. The altar is located at 58.3, 70.9 which is very close to the Sanctum of the Stars flight point, available to those who have decided to side with the Scryers. As for the reagents, the Shadowcloth requires:

Having competed the combine give the player a buff which grants +25 STA for one hour.

Lastly, for the Spellcloth, in order to craft the item, you need to in Netherstorm. The cost of crafting one is:

However, unlike other two combines, this one is not going to give you a buff, but spawn a Nether-Wraith, which drops 1-3 Mote of Mana and 1-3 Mote of Fire.

As you can see from this, TBC tailoring requires a lot of Primals, making some professions, such as Engineering an interesting choice for a second profession, since it provides an item that helps in farming the necessary motes.

While the crafting speed with these limitations might not seem great, there are ways to amend this problem, especially taking into consideration that you usually need two types of clothes for crafting items in quantities between 4 for things like bracers and shoes to 12 or 14 for robes. Hence, it is worthwhile to get a specialization. You can specialize in one of the three types of clothes, and you can only choose one, to change your choice costs 150 gold.

In order to get a specialization, you ought to go to one of these:

  • Spellfire Tailor ( Spellcloth), Gidge Spellweaver in Shattrath at 66.6, 68.6
  • Mooncloth Tailor, Nasamara Moonsong in Shattrath at 66.4, 69.0
  • Shadowweave Tailor, Andrion Darkspinner in Shattrath at 66.6, 67.2

Each of those gives you a quest which will award you the specialization upon completion.

Being specialized makes your combine of choice give you 2 pieces of cloth instead of 1, while also making it possible to craft special items with those clothes.

Furthermore, it is now possible for the tailors to craft sets of items. Each of the three-piece epic sets is available to the players with corresponding specialities. These sets are:

  • Primal Mooncloth, which increases spell power, restores mana every 5 seconds and allowing 5% of the mana regeneration to continue while casting spells.
  • Shadow’s Embrace, which increases spell power and makes your frost and shadow damage spells heal the player for 2% of the damage dealt.
  • Wrath of Spellfire, which increases the spell power and critical strike, while increasing the spell damage for up to 7% of the players INT stat as a nice set bonus.

WoW TBC Classic Tailoring leveling guide

While writing this WoW TBC Classic Tailoring guide we devoted all effort to determine a path which allows the players to level-up in an efficient and economical way. As such, for the majority of the servers it should not be overly expensive, even if you are planning to buy the necessary materials off of the Auction House.

Moreover, it is important to note that, as you may see, when you open the Tailoring window the recipes are going to be shown in different colors – orange, yellow, green, and gray. These indicate how likely you are to get a skill-up upon completing the recipe – from the first one which guarantees an increase in skill points, to the last one which means that you are not gaining any experience from crafting this recipe.

Generally, it is optimal to craft only orange recipes all the time. However, that is not possible, or even more so, not feasible or profitable. Hence, the numbers and amounts you see in this guide are not going to always be precise and you may need to get a few more reagents depending on how lucky you get.

Now without further ado, the leveling process for levels 1-300 has not changed much with the coming of The Burning Crusade, so if you have not yet achieved that level, we recommend you check out our Classic guide here: WOW classic Tailoring guide: leveling, trainer. Now for the leveling process from 300 to 375 and the WoW TBC Classic Tailoring guide. As for the Outland Tailoring look below:

First, as usual, you ought to start making Bolt of Netherweave, each of those requires:

While you only really need to make those until you get to 325 skill level, further down the line you are going to need much more than that, so you should make as many as you can. Hence, you are going to be crafting them until they become grey.

Next you want to make some Bolt of Imbued Netherweave, which we have mentioned before. You ought to also take this recipe to grey, carrying on until 340 skill level. These will be very useful in the future since they are required for most useful recipes. Each Bolt requires:

Do note that you have to purchase this recipe from a vendor, it can be obtained from:

  • Neii in Exodar at 64.6, 68.6 for the Alliance players
  • Beynna in Silvermoon at 56.0, 51.8 for the Horde players
  • Eiin in Shattrath at 66.2, 68.8 for both sides

Afterwards, you want to purchase yet another recipe for the Netherweave Robe which you will be making until you hit 350. Similarly, this recipe can be bought from:

  • Neii in Exodar at 64.6, 68.6 for the Alliance players
  • Beynna in Silvermoon at 56.0, 51.8 for the Horde players
  • Eiin in Shattrath at 66.2, 68.8 for both sides

Having obtained the recipe, you can start the crafting. Making each robe is going to require:

Now you want to get the recipe for the Netherweave Tunic, which is sold by Eiin in Shattrath at 66.2, 68.8 for both Horde and the Alliance. This is essentially the same recipe, however, the levels it covers are a little different, which can be used to get to level 360.

Now, for the last part of our WoW TBC Classic Tailoring guide you want to start making Imbued Netherweave Robe, the recipe for which can be obtained from Arrond in Shadowmoon Valley, in Sanctum of the Stars at 55.8, 58.2. Although, having to obtain yet another recipe might seem like an issue, it is still the easiest way to get the last few points necessary. As for the crafting process, making each robe is going to cost you:

If you have followed all the above-mentioned steps, you should be now a proud master tailor. Congratulations on completing out WoW TBC Classic Tailoring guide and have fun with your newly acquired profession.

Tailoring Trainer

One of the important things to remember when it comes to professions is that they also have certain ranks, these are: Apprentice, Journeyman, Expert, and Artisan, and now the new Outland Tailoring rank – Master, which is going to require visiting special trainers to obtain. This will be especially important if you want to follow our WoW TBC Classic Tailoring guide since during the leveling of the profession you do need to upgrade these ranks in order to be able to gain more skill as well as learn new recipes.

The new trainers added in the Burning Crusade are:

  • Refik, who can be found in Exodar, at 64.6, 68.6
  • Keelen Sheets, who is located in Silvermoon City at 57.2, 50.4

Moreover, to learn Master Tailoring between level 300-375, you will need to visit one of those new trainers:

  • Hama, in Honor Hold, Hellfire Peninsula (54.6, 63.6), who is the Outland tailoring trainer for the Alliance.
  • Dalinna, in Thrallmar, Hellfire Peninsula (56.6, 37.2), who helps the Horde players learn their tailoring skills.

Thank you for taking time and interest in our ultimate guide to WoW TBC Classic Tailoring and we wish you great adventures, Hero of Azeroth!

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