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Posted: 29/01/2021

Enhancing Your Gameplay

One of the most significant advantages of any RPG (Role-Playing Game) is its numerous activities. Besides taking your time to create a fantastic character, you have multiple tasks to complete. For example, many NPCs(Non-Playable Characters) give you a choice to complete a quest, which could benefit your Hero. Simultaneously, you have the opportunity to hunt for “loot” or better equipment and improve your character’s performance.

Besides those previous elements in RPG, World of Warcraft gives you a lot more options to spend your game sessions. Since it’s a Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO), you always come across other players that could aid or make things difficult. Furthermore, you could spend your time “farming” or obtaining Gold, which gives you the option to buy better items for your character.

The in-game economy could make you busy for a long time. Indeed, it takes a lot of time to gain that resource at the earliest level, which is more than necessary. First of all, you need Gold to enhance the speed of your beloved mounts. Secondly, if you want to look “cooler,” the fee to “transmog” your equipment might leave you on the streets. And last but not least, buying items from the Auction House requires this precious resource for the exchange.

Luckily you now have the choice to acquire Gold and leave your troubles “away.” Hence, if you have less time to farm Gold due to everyday life events, you could instead buy some. With a WoW Token, you have the chance to invest your hard-earned money and acquire tons of in-game currency for your character. In contrast, though you become a WoW veteran, you could exchange your massive amounts of Gold for playing time or currency.

In this article, we’ll discuss the state of WoW’s economy. Additionally, we’ll discuss the rules behind the WoW Token and its potential use.

World of Warcraft Economy

When it comes to WoW, the currency that rules them all is, without a doubt, the Gold. As you move forward in the game, you’ll get specific amounts as you tend to complete quests and kill random enemies. Still, though, in the lower levels, it is never enough. Even though you try to save something in the future, the blacksmith could leave you with an empty pocket.

Farming Gold through Azeroth may become tedious and uneventful, even on higher levels. Sometimes you get lucky and find lots of BOE (Bind-On-Equip) drops. Since they have no owner, you can sell those pieces in the Auction House for in-game currency. Still, though, someone else will notice, everyone could copy your route, and suddenly the prices drop.

In the game of World of Warcraft, you use Gold for almost anything you can imagine. If you want to learn new skills (from professions, for example), you need some coins. At the same time, you’ll need your wallet to repair any broken equipment. Last but not least, collecting toys or mounts could leave you in the streets if you’re not careful enough.

Although challenging, you always have the opportunity to earn some coins for your account. Sometimes it requires more than one-character completing dungeons or killing monsters in a specific spot. Therefore, it takes some time to reach that level and gather as much as possible between gaming sessions.

Indeed, to all those who have less free time or only play with friends, you have another solution. With the WoW Token, you could skip all that boring and tedious farming and jump to the action. With this element at your disposal, you could catch up to those players that play all day long and remain in Azeroth more than real life.

What is a WoW Token?

Overall it represents an exchange between two players that want different outcomes. On the one hand, you have those veteran players with enough Gold between their pockets and have no idea what to do with it. They already have every skill unlocked, a decent mount/toy collection, and they seem to find better ways to collect in-game currency.

In contrast, though, you have those players who thrive on finding time to play WoW, making it harder to collect those precious coins. Therefore they find other ways from outside the game and reach the same spot as their closest friends. Even though it requires “real money” to gather this advantage, it tends to give a quick solution for all those “poor” troubles.

With both experiences in mind, the Blizzard developers allowed us to exchange a good, helping the entire community. With a WoW Token, you could sell that large amounts of Gold for game time or other products from the interface. Similarly, the WoW Token assists you in obtaining coins for your characters and spend it almost instantly.

Therefore both old-timers and beginners in the Azeroth realm have the opportunity to have a great time playing the game. With a WoW Token, everyone seems to take powerful advantages of their playing style and available time. As a result, when you feel like you have no/enough Gold at your disposal, you should venture into the WoW Token practices.

Once you get to see the benefits, you’ll probably make some adjustments and gather as many as you can. Therefore you’ll always get the chance to play accordingly with your friends or some members of your Guild.

Selling/Buying a WoW Token

At the moment, you have different ways to interact with a WoW Token in the game:

  • Selling: From the in-game menu, you could quickly obtain a new WoW Token with a couple of clicks. Go to the in-game Shop (where the coolest mounts reside) and click on the WoW Token part. In that part of the menu, you can exchange your hard-earned money with a new WoW Token. Within the US servers, you’ll need $20 (or €20 for EU servers) to acquire a new WoW Token into your account. Once the transaction is complete, you’ll have a new item in your inventory and confirmation from within your email. Afterward, you can go to the Auction House, see the current Gold exchange and if you find it fair, click on the “Create Auction” button. The WoW Token price tends to change multiple times during the day, and the developers control it through algorithms. As a result, if you’re patient, you could squeeze a couple of thousands more if you make the trade at the right time.
  • Buying: If you think that you have more than enough in-game currency that lingers without a purpose in the Bank, a WoW Token is a solution. When you’re taking a break between questing and completing dungeons, head up to any town. In the middle of everything, visit the Auction House. Afterward, find the “Game Time” option on the left of the window. This time around, you’ll give virtual goods for more playtime within World of Warcraft. Indeed, instead of spending more real money to continue with your journey, you could use the Gold instead. As a result, you’ll always be available if your Guild needs assistance for possible Raids or dungeons. Most noteworthy, you can do this type of trade ten times per week.

Silver versus Gold WoW Token

Before moving forward in the WoW Token subject, you need to know the difference between a Silver and a Gold WoW Token.

First of all, the Silver WoW Token follows the “Selling” path. In other words, it is the only item that you obtain when you exchange real money for it. Therefore, when you have a Silver WoW Token, the servers allow you to place it in the Auction House and obtain the in-game currency you find fair. As a result, if you need more coins, use the Silver WoW Token in the Auction House and make the trade.

Secondly, the Gold WoW Token goes in the previous “Buying” section. When you have this type of item in your inventory, you could trade between game time or currency. Hence, you cannot sell it back in the Auction House regularly in exchange for coins. What comes next is up to you, which means that you need to think before acting.

In short words, with the Silver WoW Token, you can obtain in-game currency. On the other hand, the Gold WoW Token gives you game time or credits. With that distinction, you couldn’t mix between what you could get in the exchange. Therefore it aims to help the community to use the correct options and avoid any mistakes.

WoW Token Limitations

To keep everyone from messing things up or server safety, the developers at Blizzard gave some restrictions, which are the following:

  • First of all, you have the opportunity to purchase for real money a maximum of 10 Tokens per week from the in-game Shop. This WoW Token (Silver version) will give you Gold when you use it in the Auction House.
  • Furthermore, you have a maximum of 36 Tokens every 24 months for Gold. This WoW Token (Gold version) gives you game time when you look for that feature in the Auction House.
  • Players may only have one type of Token (Silver or Gold version) in their inventory at one time. Therefore, if any of your characters from the current account is holding a Silver WoW Token, they can only acquire similar versions. If by any means you want to obtain a Gold WoW Token by exchanging your current Gold, you need to use the other kind in the Auction House before making that kind of transaction.
  • Additionally, you can hold a total of 10 Tokens in the inventory at one time. As a result, if you see any issues when trying to obtain a new one, check all of your character’s bags. There could be one lingering around.
  • Finally, every transaction is final, and the game gives you the “are you sure?” notification before proceeding. In other words, there is no way to ask for a refund.

Learning When to Buy a WoW Token

Even though you may want to acquire the Gold right away, you could consider taking a breath and get as much as you can when you place it in the Auction House. With that mentality, you could obtain more Gold than the rest of the players that play in the same region.

As you already know, the Gold that you can receive when you add one WoW Token in the Auction House varies during different hours and days. Overall it becomes controlled with other algorithms that the developers keep active all of the time.

Therefore, when fewer/higher players become active at a particular time of the week, the overall price of the WoW Token differs. It may become tedious to keep an eye on and log-in to World of Warcraft at the right time for some people. As a result, you can aid yourself with different websites from all over the Internet that keep track of the magic number.

Most noteworthy, this price change always makes a difference whether you want a Silver WoW Token or a Gold WoW Token. If you need to exchange a Silver WoW Token, waiting for the right moment, will give you more in-game currency to spend. At the same time, you could use less Gold from your pocket if the Golden WoW Token price becomes less expensive.

Using the Gold Wisely

At the moment, you have the opportunity to use the new in-game currency from your WoW Token with these picks:

  • Transmog: One of the exciting gameplay mechanics in WoW is the possibility to look fantastic as you play through dungeons or quests. Indeed, as you proceed in the story and learn more levels, the price to make those changes tends to higher. As a result, you could spend a couple of coins for a couple of changes.
  • Heirlooms: If your champion is still moving forward to reach the level cap, you could acquire some of these items and increase their bonuses. Similarly, you could buy different equipment to do the chore of leveling a “toon” (secondary character) a lot easier. Remember that some items increase the experience percentage when you’re killing monsters or completing quests.
  • Toys and Mounts: To increase your account’s collection in this endeavor, you could use the new Gold and buy different items from vendors or the Auction House. However, it may not be enough since many goods from other expansions and patches could take millions of coins to unlock all.
  • Repairing Your Equipment: Even if you’re careful enough, everything in the realm of Azeroth has the same objective, to reduce its effectiveness. Therefore, you’ll need to visit blacksmiths frequently and pay for the repairs. Sometimes even in the middle of a Dungeon run, all of your equipment may break and leave you in the wrong position. As a result, it is recommendable that you keep all of your armor/weapons at their peak, often.
  • Unlock Better Speeds for Your Mount: It is sad to see when your veteran players fly across the sky at the top speeds, waiting for you regularly. Hence, to liberate yourself from that embarrassment, you should unlock the highest swiftness for your flying mounts. Remember to gain a max reputation from the main cities to reduce the overall price from the vendors.
  • Help Your Friends or Guild: When a new player joins the journey, you know how difficult it could be without assistance. If you give them a hand, they could reach the level cap quicker and help return the favor as soon as possible. One way is to provide a specific Gold ration to your Guild members when they try to repair their equipment. Similarly, you could send coins through the mail and help them invest valuable items.
  • Increase the Level of the Professions: The easiest way to climb levels for any Profession in World of Warcraft is by using tons of coins in the Auction House. If you have the resources, you could buy the requirements instead of hunting and looking around maps. Nowadays, using one Guide for assistance and purchasing the Auction House items reduces this struggle time.

Frequently Asked Questions about WoW Tokens

How much does a WoW Token cost?

It changes according to your account’s region. At the moment, you can buy a WoW Token with USD 20/ AUD 25/EUR 20.

How many WoW Tokens can I Buy?

You can hold a total of 10 WoW Tokens (Silver or Golden) in the inventory at one time.

Where Can I Find the In-Game Shop?

You can find the In-Game Shop when you press the “Escape” key on your keyboard at the top of the Game Menu. When you click the help button on the WOW Token Auction House, the Help window appears. On the bottom-left side of the character select screen. Finally, you can click on the panel to the left of the Game Menu button.

What is the difference between a Silver WoW Token or a Golden WoW Token?

With the Silver WoW Token, you can obtain in-game currency in the Auction House. Instead, with the Golden WoW Token, you can exchange it for in-game time or credits.

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