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Posted: 06/04/2021

The Darkmoon Faire, otherwise known as the Darkmoon Theater Troupe, is a massive festival that lasts for a week and takes place monthly in World of Warcraft, beginning at 3 AM realm time. In the game world, it is an event very eagerly celebrated by the inhabitants of Azeroth, and since the Invasion of Outland, it is also enjoyed by the inhabitants of this world.

Where is the Darkmoon Faire

The festival has its portals in three places: In Elwynn Forest for the Alliance, in the fields of Mulgore for the Horde, and in Terokkar Forest for the inhabitants of the remnants of Draenor.

History of the event

The owner and initiator is a gnome – Silas Darkmoon, who gave his name to the festival. He would like the event to be a place where all the races of Azeroth can be together, abandon their disputes and celebrate their meeting, as well as rest away from the grim reality. The festivities were initially organized by Silas Darkmoon in the two main territories of the Alliance and the Horde – the Elwynn Forest and Mulgore. It was intended to reconcile the warring parties and to be a faire for the world torn by conflict. The first such event proved to be a great success and ultimately over time the event was also seen to be exceedingly good, as all representatives of both sides came to the festival and enjoyed it, being able to meet and talk with those who under normal circumstances would have jumped to their throats.

Darkmoon Faire Island

Hence, Silas decided to repeat its success and decided to hold it every month, often overlapping with several other festivals. The festivities quickly began to draw crowds. As such, when the Invasion of Outland began in 26 ADP, in the footsteps of the Alliance and Horde also came the custom of the Darkmoon Faire. Silas Darkmoon's event was provided fertile ground when his troupe reached Shattrath. There he built a camp, not far from the city walls, amidst the dense Terokkar Forest. There a variety of inhabitants came to join them, such as draenei, orcs, ogres and arakkoa. Thus, the Darkmoon Faire became a favourite attraction for soldiers fighting on the front lines of the Invasion against the Illidari and the Burning Legion.

Soon, the festival made a lot more money and became one of the most visited by the people of Outland. It was also attended by members of the Illidari who had left Illidan Stormrage, finding refuge in the nearby metropolis. Among other things, with the proceeds they were able to get the Elite Tauren Chieftain, a heavy metal band made up of members of the various races of the Horde. It consisted of an orc vocalist, Samuro; a rhythm guitarists from the Blood Elves, Sig Nicious; and lead guitarist, Bergrisst, from the Forsaken; troll bassist, Mai'Kyla, and the Chief Thunder-Skins as a drummer.

After Deathwing caused the Cataclysm, many lands were devastated by his reappearance. Luckily, Mulgore and Elwynn Forest were not seriously damaged, but this forced Silas to evacuate for fear of becoming the next target. After a long search, he finally moved to a newly discovered patch of land in the Great Sea, named Darkmoon Island. Finding this island allowed Darkmoon to launch a full-scale party, as it has now become his headquarters.

Darkmoon Faire

Performances in the Alliance and Horde territories were limited to shows and the erection of portals leading to the island. It opened at the end of ADP 28, after much rebuilding and just before Thrall defeated the fallen Dragon Aspect. Guests flocked to the festival in large numbers, and Silas has since announced that the Darkmoon Faire will always be on the Darkmoon Island from now on, allowing it to be completely neutral and cut off from the outside world, including both sides of the barricade that were constantly fighting.

During the colonization of the newly discovered Pandaria – a continent on the southern edge of the known world, surrounded by the South Sea – Silas ordered the construction of a carousel and the hiring of a battle pet trainer in the form of Jeremy Feasel. The man quickly found his place and the move brought even more profits to the Faire.

When War in Draenor took place, Christoph VonFeasel came to the island and developed the industry in the form of pet battles. Additionally, a new attraction was introduced for the event, the Firebird’s Challenge. The arrival of the Legion did not disrupt the festivities that also continued during the war. During this time, a death metal band called, Blight Boar, arrived on the island. Moreover, during the Blood War, work began on the construction of the Arcade and the rollercoaster, which took several months, the latter of which was completed between the Battle of Dazar'alor and the Nazjatar Campaign, while the Arcade was not opened until the Black Empire Campaign.

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