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Posted: 06/04/2021

Marks of Honor are PvP items that are used as currency that can be exchanged for equipment from PvP vendors. They can be obtained by participating in Battlegrounds or World PvP. Together with the release of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, Marks of Honor were removed from the game. As such, the main PvP currency is now Points of Honor. On the other hand, Battleground Marks of Honor are a reward for players who have participated in a Battleground.

How to get Marks of Honor

At the end of the battle, each player gets: one Mark of Honor for losing or three Marks of Honor for winning. Players who leave the Battleground before the end of the battle do not get any Marks of Honor. Moreover, each Battleground offers different Marks of Honor, for example, on Warsong Gulch, players are rewarded with the Warsong Gulch Marks of Honor. If a player accumulates more than 100 Mark of Honor from a given Battleground, the excess will automatically be sent to the in-game mailbox. Furthermore, Battleground Marks of Honor are used as currency, in conjunction with Points of Honor, to purchase items in the Champion's Hall and Hall of Legends, as well as from Battleground vendors located in Hillsbrad (Alterac Valley), Ashenvale (Warsong Gulch), and Arathi Highlands (Arathi Basin).

Since the introduction of patch 3.0.8, Wintergrasp Marks of Honor are awarded for participating in the Battle for Wintergrasp on the same basis as in other Battlegrounds. They allow you to buy items from vendors located in the Wintergrasp Keep, if your faction controls Wintergrasp. Items from PVP vendors usually require about 40 Marks of Honor of one type (for example, twenty Eye of the Storm Marks of Honor) as well as a certain amount of Honor Points. Prices depend on the level and quality of the items and may require more than one type of Marks of Honor.

PVP Warsong Gulch

Marks of Honor WoW from World PvP

World PvP Marks of Honor are awarded to players when they perform an Honorable Kill on an enemy faction member in a specific zone. Mark of Honor Hold and Mark of Thrallmar can be obtained by performing Honorable Kills in Hellfire Peninsula and Zangarmarsh. Later, they can be exchanged for items in Honor Hold, Thrallmar or Zangarmarsh (Alliance Field Scout/Horde Field Scout). Halaa Battle Tokens are rewards for those who perform an honorable kill near Halaa within the Nagrand district. They can later be exchanged at vendors in Halaa, when it is controlled by the player's faction. Unlike Battleground Marks of Honor, Marks of Honor from world PvP do not require additional Honor Points or any other currency for buying items. However, there are few rewards for these Marks of Honor and they are of lesser quality than those from Battlegrounds.

Marks of Honor Shadowlands

Currently, by winning in PvP, we can receive Marks of Honor, which can be exchanged for special tokens. After their use, an appropriate armor appearance, that can be used in transmog, is added to our collection. Depending on the expansion from which we plan to buy a token, we have to go to the main cities, and there find PVP NPCs, who, for 10 Mark of Honor, will allow us to buy an appropriate token.

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