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Posted: 19/03/2021
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The Vulpera of Vol'dun are a nomadic fox race, that has inhabited the deserts of Vol'dun for generations. However, it is not the only place where you can find representatives of this race – some of the Vulpera allied race have emigrated to Kul’Tiras, where they became friendly with the local population. There, they founded the Bilge Rats pirate clan, which swore allegiance to Harlan Sweete and the Irontide Raiders.

Provided that living in the desert is very difficult and demanding, Vulpera have learned to survive with the few resources they can harvest. Their homes are burrows dug by them, which protect them from predators during the day and from the cold at night. Often you can meet their caravans traveling through Vol’dun desert – if you have the opportunity, talk to the nomads, especially since they have a lot of interesting information. Due to the harsh living conditions in the desert, the Vulpera allied race cannot afford to waste resources, and their entire race has learned to take anything that seems even slightly useful, finding value in the things hidden in the desert.

Vulpera allied race for generations have lived in peace with Sethrak, a serpent race who also inhabit the deserts of Vol'dun. However, over time, one of Sethrak's leaders, Korthek, became power-hungry and tried to free C'Thrax Mythrax the Unraveler and use his ancient powers to conquer Zandalar. In pursuit of power, Korthek began enslaving Vulpera, going so far as to sell their children. However, not all Sethrak are hostile to Vulpera, what is more, some of them even try to help them.

In Battle for Azeroth, Horde players go to the land of Vol'dun, where they befriend the Vulpera race and help them overthrow the dictator. Some of the fox nomads, intrigued by foreign lands, willingly join the alliance and set off in search of adventures in Azeroth and more.

Vulpera in Battle for Azeroth

The Vulpera fox race was introduced in World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth in patch 8.3. It has been added as one of the Allied Race. Hence, to unlock it, you need to get a certain reputation, obtain a few Achievements, and complete a quest.

vulpera heritage armor

How to unlock the Vulpera Allied Race

Requirements to unlock the Vulpera Allied Race:

  • Secrets in the Sands achievement, for completing all main storylines in Vol'dun.
  • Gaining Exalted reputation with Voldunai – obtained by completing quests in Vol'dun and World Quests.
  • Completing the appropriate quests that we start in the capital city of Orgrimmar, available after completing the two aforementioned activities.

The first most important step is to complete the storyline in the land of Vol'dun to get the Secrets in the Sands achievement, which is also needed to complete the Pathfinder, Part One achievement.

The main plot of the history of the race of enslaved desert nomads is divided into seven parts. In the expansion, the best way was to choose this location as the starting point in order to work towards the achievement and gaining this faction's reputation, while gaining experience during the quest. Currently, players with the maximum level in Shadowlands should deal with quests rather quickly and efficiently – even those where there are elite enemies to kill.

Below are the storylines that need to be completed:

  • Unlikely Allies
  • The Warguard’s Fate
  • The Three Keepers
  • Atul’Aman
  • Dangers in the Desert
  • A City of Secrets
  • Storming the Spire

Gaining Voldunai reputation

The aforementioned requirement of gaining reputation with Voldunai, actually involves raising the reputation to the exalted level. Getting there may take a while, but World of Warcraft developers often want to help you achieve this goal and had prepared special events, during which reputation gain is increased by up to 50%. After completing the storyline, our reputation among Voldunai should be Honored. How can we increase it further? It's easy. You must perform bonus activities: World quests in Vol’dun, Voldunai Emissaries, Voldunai Contract, Mission tokens, Vol’dun Faction Assaults, Island Expeditions.

The easiest way to earn reputation is to complete all of the world quests in Vol'dun and use the Voldunai Contract to gain additional Reputation. When Voldunai emissary quest are active, you will receive 1500 reputation for turning it back. If an Alliance Assault is taking place in Vol'dun, you will receive an additional 500 reputation for completing it.

Some missions that you send your companions on may offer rewards and items to increase reputation. That is why it is worth checking the table with missions every day.

You can sometimes receive Shimmering Shell for completing Island Expeditions. This shell can be exchanged for a reputation token for a selected Horde or Alliance faction.

Vulpera in the Horde

After completing the story in Vol'dun and gaining exalted reputation with them, we should be able to start a special quest that can be taken in the main city of the Horde - Orgrimmar. After completing it, the wow Vulpera one of the allied races will be unlocked, and we will receive a Caravan Hyena mount. It is also possible to get the special Heritage Armor cosmetic set as soon as our fox character reaches level 50 in Shadowlands.

Vulpera Classes

Available Classes for the wow Vulpera:

  • Death Knight
  • Hunter
  • Mage
  • Monk
  • Priest
  • Rogue
  • Shaman
  • Warlock
  • Warrior

Vulpera main

Vulpera Racial Traits

Bag of Tricks – Take a selected trick from the bag and use it on a selected enemy or ally. Enemies take damage and allies are healed. Has a 1.5-minute cooldown.

Rummage Your Bag – Gives you the ability to change the contents of the Bag of Tricks. Has a 5-minute cooldown.

Make Camp – Gives you the opportunity to set up a camp in a selected location. This spell cannot be used inside buildings or caves.

Return to Camp – allows you to teleport to the camp. Has a 1-hour cooldown.

Apart from the aforementioned spells, this race has 3 passive abilities

Alpaca Saddlebags – increases the capacity of the backpack by 8 slots

Fire Resistance – reduces received fire damage by 1%

Nose For Trouble – reduces the first damage received from an enemy, by 5% of the maximum health.

Bag of Tricks - customize your Vulpera Racial Spell

This is one of the most interesting racials in the game. Bag of Tricks allows you to adjust the buffs received depending on whether it is used by the healing class or the class that deals damage. Currently, you can get five customizations, which have been divided into two groups - Harmful Tricks and Helpful Tricks.

    Harmful Tricks
  • Flames of Fury - The item to be able to unlock this option drops from the boss Ragnaros in the Firelands raid. Bag of Tricks deals fire damage when selected
  • Corrosive Vial - any created Vulpera character can use this ability. Bag of Tricks deals natural damage when selected
  • Sinister Shadows - To unlock this option, you need to get an item from the Cho'gall boss from the The Bastion of Twilight raid. Bag of Tricks deals shadow damage when selected
    Helpful Tricks
  • Healing Vial - any created Vulpera character can use this ability. The chosen target heals with the power of nature
  • Holy Relic - The item to unlock this option can be obtained from Entropius in the Sunwell Plateau raid. Heals the chosen target with the power of light.

Vulpera Heritage Armor

We get the armor after unlock the Vulpera. The Vulpera heritage armor consists of six parts. If you want a nice Transmog, we highly recommend getting 50 levels!

Vulpera Heritage Shawl Vulpera Heritage Vest Vulpera Heritage Utility Belt Vulpera Heritage Shoulderpads Vulpera Heritage Handgrips Vulpera Heritage Legguards

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