Shrouded Cloth farming guide

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Posted: 22/10/2021

Shrouded Cloth farming guide

Heroes of Azeroth! We would like to welcome you once again to our yet another World of Warcraft farming guide. This time around we are going to focus on farming clothes in Shadowlands and around all of the new content that came with Oribos. First, we are going to briefly talk about the overall way clothes are obtained in Shadowlands. Then we will share with you our favourite farming spots as well as some tips and tricks to make your work easier and faster, while also earning you more gold in the process.

Clothes in Shadowlands

First of all, you should know that there are two basic kinds of clothes in Shadowlands:

There are also other refined forms like Enchanted Lightless Silk, made by Enchanters, but they are not naturally occurring and thus cannot be farmed. Hence, we are not going to talk about them here. However, for everything else you will need, we will cover it later in the article.

Changes in Shadowlands

Shrouded Cloth is the more basic one of the two clothes, although they, for the most part, drop off of the same monsters. However, it’s supposed commonness doesn’t mean it’s cheap at all. Quite contrary to that, as was the case with previous expansions clothes are worth quite some gold should you try and sell them on the Auction House. That is because they are used by variety of professions who need them – mainly tailors, but also enchanters and engineers. This cloth is an important crafting ingredient for such important items as the Vestige of Origins, Flexible Ectoplasmic Specs or Recipe: Crafter's Mark of the Chained Isle.

Other than that, not much has changed when it comes to clothes. Similarly, to how it was in the previous expansions those have a chance to drop from a variety of monsters, however, those are in vast majority humanoid. It’s not that other monsters have absolutely no chance of dropping clothes, but its vastly lower compared to humanoids so it’s recommended to farm those.

Shrouded Cloth farming routes

In this section, we would like to show you our recommended spots and areas for farming Shrouded Cloth. These are a few places that have extremely good concentrations of mobs while also keeping a decent respawn timer. Those locations are going to work for both solo farming as well as group farming. They also work well if you have the classic combo of tailoring and enchanting on your character since they are going to provide you with many items that you can disenchant later.

Route 1

Shrouded Cloth farming guide Revendreth

For the first route we would like to recommend the spot in the north-east of Revendreth. In here, north of the Halls of Atonement is an area called Archivam. It’s this little island hanging off of the edge of the map. Here you are going to find mainly four types of humanoid mobs with fast respawn rate and pretty close to each other making large pulls easier.

The mobs you want to hunt here in Revendreth are Beleaguered Excavators, Excavation Enforcers, Nefarious Thugs, and Nefarious Collectors. You can just run clockwise around the area while clearing it and you should never have to stop given their respawn rate. Moreover, there is an NPC – Nourman, quite close to the zone where you farm, so you can sell your trash items to him making it easier to farm non-stop.

Route 2

Shrouded Cloth farming guide Ardenweald

The second area, while arguably a bit more efficient requires you to have just that much better gear. This place is in Ardenweald. It is an area called Tirna Noch, which is located just west of Hibernal Hollow. Here you will find Blighted Fadeblades and Masked Soulsplitters with some ridiculously short respawn timers. Moreover, since they are very easy to aggro, you can simply pull them while on your mount for greater efficiency. On top of that, a well geared player should have no problem taking care of around ten of them at a time.

Route 3

Shrouded Cloth farming guide Ardenweald 2

For the last spot we are going to remain in Ardenweald. However, this time around we are looking a little more north. The spot we suggest you try is exactly half-way in a straight line between Tirna Vaal and Heartwood Grove. This spot, while certainly possible for solo farming, is far more efficient for groups than the other two. As such, if you have no party, we suggest you stick to the first to rather than this one.

Shrouded Cloth farming tips

When it comes to farming and gathering Shrouded Cloth, since it’s a drop item there isn’t much, you can do other than being well geared and getting some experience for yourself as to how much you can pull and how efficiently you can deal AoE damage.

One thing to remember, however, is that if you seriously want to farm clothes then you should pick-up tailoring. The level doesn’t really matter much, since even at level 1 Shadowlands Tailoring, you can have a passive skill called: Shadowlands Cloth Scavenging. What this skill does is it gives all the mobs you kill an additional chance for some extra cloth in the loot.

For an even higher efficiency, if your goal is getting as much gold as possible, you can change between tailoring and enchanting. This is possible due to how professions work in Shadowlands. So, you can farm with the buff and then disenchant items afterwards, when you are done farming.

Moreover, given the changes to the looting system, you can farm efficiently in groups due to the fact that as long as you deal any damage to the mob, you can loot it. So, if you gather five characters and farm together, then, assuming everyone dealt some damage, you can get the loot five times.

Keeping all of this in mind and following the tips we have given in our Shrouded Cloth farming tutorial and going to areas we suggested you should have your bags full of precious items very quickly, be it for your profession or to sell at the Auction House. Good luck and have fun!

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