Shadowy Shank farming guide

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Posted: 15/10/2021

Shadowy Shank farming guide

Welcome to next in a new series of farming guides focusing on World of Warcraft Shadowlands and the new continent of Oribos. We'll go through all of the accessible and farmable resources in depth, as always, so stay tuned!

We're going to concentrate on the Shadowy Shank in this text. Similarly, to earlier resources, we will give you with all of the fundamental information that you will want, as well as the numerous changes that have occurred since the start of this new expansion. Finally, we'll show you the finest farming routes and places so you can get started fast and simply.

Meats in Shadowlands

Overall, you should know by now that there are six different kinds of meats in Shadowlands, which are they are:

The Shadowy Shank, which is the subject of this topic guide, is the fifth. If you're looking for anything else, you should go through the various tutorials on our website, since we have one for each resource available. If you're still reading, let's take a deeper look at the differences brought on by this new expansion.

Changes in Shadowlands

The Shadowy Shank is one of the rarer meats in World of Warcraft Shadowlands with its drop rate being around 11-14% for most mobs. Moreover, what is interesting, most monsters that drop this one also have a greater chance of dropping other ingredients. Hence, this one will usually be farmed along the way of gathering something else like the Phantasmal Haunch or the Tenebrous Ribs. This rarity however makes for a higher demand on this particular item, which you can use to your advantage since the market prices are likely to be higher on this one. Even more so since it’s used in many important recipes, such as the Smothered Shank or Steak a la Mode. Hence, it ought to be quite a good item to sell on the Auction House or to use in your own cooking profession.

In many respects, Shadowlands, on the other hand, was a game changer in terms of innovation. Meat and other culinary products, on the other hand, were not covered greatly. That's because, other from a little tweak, there hasn't been much of a change.

The biggest difference between farming cooking ingredients in Battle for Azeroth and farming cooking ingredients in Battle for Azeroth is that now each monster can only drop one type of meat, necessitating unique farming methods and tactics for each.

The other difference is a significant drop rate reduction, which is likely the most relevant for most players that wish to gather meats. When comparing Shadowlands to Battle for Azeroth, in the latter, killing an eligible monster almost always resulted in a culinary ingredient; however, the odds of getting those items have significantly dropped with this most recent expansion.

Shadowy Shank farming routes

We'll guide you through the farming process in Shadowlands in this section, as well as show you some of our favourite spots and routes that have all been tried and proven.

They all meet certain requirements, such as being full of monsters that are reasonably easy to kill, having a high spawn rate and density, and therefore being good locations for solo or group farming.

Route 1

Shadowy Shank farming guide Maldraxxus route 1

First and foremost, when it comes to acquiring the Shadowy Shank, we couldn't leave out our personal favourite — a beautiful location in Maldraxxus. The actual position is east and north-east of the Theater of Pain, and south of it, near the Forgotten Wounds region. There will be an abundance of Bloodtusk Alphas and Predatory Bloodtusks in this area. These mobs have a good probability of dropping the ingredient and are quite straightforward to take down. Although the respawn rates aren't as high as they are in some other areas, the huge area packed with monsters more than makes up for it.

Route 2

Shadowy Shank farming guide Ardenweald route 2

The other location we recommend you see is in Ardenweald. It's northwest of the Glitterfall Basin, to be precise. Gorm Raveners are what you want to find here, respawning at an incredible pace despite causing little to no damage and having little armor. As a result, this is our favourite position and one that we recommend to players who aren't quite ready for anything more demanding or just simply don’t want to risk a greater challenge.

Route 3

Shadowy Shank farming guide Maldraxxus route 2

The final location we'd want to discuss is also in Maldraxxus. This location combines the ease of farming with high efficiency, making it suitable for both beginner and experienced players. Just west of the Theater of Pain is the precise site. The region is simple to explore because it is surrounded on three sides by trails and hills on the west. The Bloodskin Tauraluss and Furious Alphahoofs are the mobs to look out for while you're here. These aren't very harmful, however they are a little more durable than some of the other alternatives.

Shadowy Shank farming tips

Unfortunately, because meat farming is the most basic of all gathering jobs, there isn't much you can do to improve it. There are a few things you can take to improve the quality of your experience. In this part, we'll go through them briefly. Despite the fact that we believe these components and traits to be quite common, we are confident that understanding and applying them more purposefully via your farming practices would benefit you.

In general, your gear and specialty will have the biggest impact, as being a healer or tank will not help you pull and eliminate a huge number of enemies quickly. Certain classes and specializations, like as balance and feral druids, are unquestionably better suited for such tasks.

Also, remember that moving slowly is far more efficient and timesaving than dying quickly. Because it takes far longer to get back on your feet after being killed than it does to kill a second set of beasts, even if they are fewer. As a result, you should experiment and explore to discover your abilities while also maintaining a safety buffer when farming. As a consequence, you'll see a considerable boost in your performance.

Additionally, given the current state of the looting system, farming in groups is currently extremely successful; if you and your buddies collectively tag the monsters you're killing, your harvest may be considerably boosted. As a consequence, you should carefully consider this option because it might be advantageous to you.

With all of this knowledge, we hope that our Shadowy Shank farming guide will assist you in making the most of your Shadowy Shank gathering endeavour. You should have no problem making a fortune in farming and either becoming a wonderful chef or making a fortune on the Auction House if you remember everything from this lesson. We wish you success and hope you have a wonderful time!

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