Phaedrum Ore farming guide

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Posted: 24/08/2021

Phaedrum Ore farming guide

Heroes of Azeroth! We present to you our new WoW farming guide focused on shadowlands mining. This time, we encourage you to have a look at the best Phaedrum farming tips and techniques to assist you in discovering optimum routes and locating more nodes for mining with our routes, resulting in more gold you are going to earn in a shorter time spent on your character. In this Phaedrum Ore farming tutorial, we'll go over how mining ores has evolved in Shadowlands, as well as our suggested farming paths, so keep reading.

Ores in Shadowlands

However, before we get there, we'd want to provide you with some background information about Phaedrum Ore. It is one of the six mineable resources in Shadowlands, along the following others:

In this series of guide covering shadowlands mining, we are going to discuss all of them in much detail, so if you will need anything other than Phaedrum Ore we have it!

Changes in Shadowlands

Phaedrum Ore is one of the materials that came with the new content in Shadowlands and Oribos. It is quite an important reagent for many crafting recipes, especially for engineers since quite a few of their interesting contraptions require it – items such as: 50UL-TR4P, Momentum Redistributor Boots, Shadowghast Ingot, and Wormhole Generator: Shadowlands. All of this contributes to the item's high demand, making it valuable with your mining skill if you want to sell the ores or equipment. In a minute, we will explain the specific procedure for locating those nodes.

Many other things altered as a result of Shadowlands. Things like how mining resources are discovered and where they are found on agricultural roads. Previously, ore veins were located in a series of zones with comparable level ranges, similar to herbs, allowing you to simply pick where you wanted to farm. It also reduced resource rivalry because gamers would all go to separate locations. The majority of ore veins are now zone locked. This implies they're restricted to a certain zone, and you'll only be able to discover them there.

Sadly, this one is one of such ores, the nodes of Phaedrum can only be found in Ardenweald, the only possible area. On the upside, this is quite a good place to farm in, due to the lay of the land being quite a favourable one. Ardenweald has a lot of hills and mountainous areas where most of your nodes can be found. Although there are also quite a few enemies there, so for most of the time, fighting might be impossible to avoid.

Phaedrum Ore farming routes

For any veteran or experienced player, collecting the various reagents in Shadowlands and Shadowlands mining is not a new experience – it is very similar for both mining and herbalism; however, it is important to remember that there are some significant differences between this expansion and previous ones that we would like to highlight in this guide.

Phaedrum Ore node locations

Little has changed in terms of how mineral nodes are discovered in the Shadowlands. These spawn near cliffs and mountains, as well as on higher ground, like in previous expansions. As a result, you may find that some ores spawn more frequently in difficult-to-navigate or-access locations, emphasizing the need of establishing a strong path.

Furthermore, no resources, including ores, are discovered in close vicinity to any of the game's villages or towns, whether mined or utilized for herbalism. On the contrary, the deeper you go, up to a certain point, the more resources you'll notice around you, so don't be afraid to stray off the main path and harvest ore on your own.

Route 1

Ardenweald - route 1

When it comes to the main content – routes and where to find Phaedrum Ore? The first area we would like to recommend in Ardenweald is our long route for your usual farming needs. You should begin your path on the cape between Darkreach and Gromhive. From there, you should start heading north-east, going through Shimmerbough, Hibernal Hollow and Tirna Noch. Pass each area centre to centre since you will be coming back this way later due to the respawn rates. Having passed through those three zones, start going north-west in a straight line from Hibernal Hollow towards Gossamer Cliffs in Dreamsong Fenn, and lastly go to the edge of the map, north of the Glitterfall Basin. Afterwards, start going back the same way through all of the Ardenweald.

Route 2

Ardenweald - route 2

For a bit more of a moderate path, with a bit more alteration in case you have higher competition of other players in the area. We suggest you begin just east of Dreamsong Fenn. From there start heading east while exploring all the cliff-sides on the way for extra ore nodes. In a zig-zag pattern go to Heart of the Forest. Afterwards, take a route north-east, south of Tirna Vaal and towards Crumbled Ridge in Heartwood Grove. Then in the same area go to the Starlit Overlook and Dusty Burrows. At that point you want to turn to the north-western parts of the Glitterfall Basin, to then head in a serpentine pattern to the Dreamsong Fenn, however, unless you are well-geared, avoid the Gossamer Cliffs and The Stalks. Having done that, with the optional addition or not, head back while approaching your starting location from the south through the bridges.

Route 3

Ardenweald - route 3

For the last and the shortest route, you want to stick to the southern parts of Ardenweald. You want to begin in the same spot as with the last route, just south of Dreamsong Fenn. From there you want to go straight east, north of the Heart of The Forest, while making small detours south to explore the hillsides to find more nodes. Keep going east, until you reach Tirna Noch, while going from the north of Hibernal Hollow. Afterwards, go around Hibernal Hollow from the southern side, and start heading south-west towards the cape between Gormhive and Darkreach. From there make a quick jump north and around the base of Darkreach, to then go straight north to the starting point of your journey.

Following those gathering routes, we described in our posts you should quickly be able to mine and have more than enough ore mined for whatever crafting or business venture with the auction house you have planned. Good hunting Adventurer!

Phaedrum Ore farming tips

On top of getting the right routes, there are a few things to assist you in making best use of your farming time, thus helping you to maximise your effectiveness and helping you get the materials without having to purchase them from the Auction House.

Farming gear and mounts

To begin, use a suitable enchant for your gloves, which lowers the time it takes to gather the ores by three times, Enchant Gloves - Shadowlands Gathering, meaning the difference between fighting a mob and just dashing away with the ore. As a result, you will save a significant amount of time as well as money by using an optimized route that you feel to be the best for you.

Another issue is being mounted, because getting down and back up on a mount takes the most time. Above all, you want to avoid being forced off your ride if a random mob tries to attack you. You may either switch to a tanking specialization or buy a Comfortable Rider's Barding to avoid this. Furthermore, you may choose between the two gathering options while still riding your steed. If you're a druid, you can use your travel form, which is the most convenient way to collect while mounted. The player can also mount the Sky Golem, which allows them to do all of the same tasks.

Unfortunately, similar to herbalism, there isn't much you can do to speed up the process or mine more efficiently with this profession, so you'll have to endure some downtime. However, if you follow our ore farming method, you should be fine and be able to fill your bags with ore in no time, as well as sell them on the auction house or utilize them in your professions. If you decide to use this tutorial on your character, please leave some comments or posts on our website.

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