Pallid Bone farming guide

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Posted: 24/10/2021

Pallid Bone farming guide

Welcome to the new World of Warcraft farming guide, brave heroes! Today, we'll talk about skinning and how it works in the Shadowlands, as well as the differences in content that arrived with the new Oribos continent.

In this lesson, we'll show you around our favourite gathering routes and give you some of our finest farming strategies for Pallid Bone. You may be confident that following this advice will increase your farming efficiency and provide you with significantly more money or resources for your professions.

Leathers, hides, and bones in Shadowlands

However, first things first, you should know what you can get from skinning in Shadowlands. Overall, there are 5 different items – leathers, hides, and bones. These are:

As you can see, there are heavy variants of the basic leathers. These may be crafted by mixing 10 basic leathers or skinned from specific creatures; however, we'll focus on farming them rather than creating them. All of those things are covered in individual farming tutorials, so if you're searching for something other than Pallid Bone, you'll find it in one of those, while the main item of interest is covered in the following portion of this guide.

Changes in Shadowlands

The Pallid Bone is one of the most items you can get from skinning the beasts you kill. For the most part, when skinning a monster, you have about 30% chance of getting this leather, although skinning elites usually yields this one. This uncommonness partially contributes to making this item a decent one to make some gold. Especially since this reagent is necessary for crafting of many extremely important and necessary items, such as the Vestige of Origins, Crafter's Mark III and Recipe: Crafter's Mark of the Chained Isle, Articulated Ectoplasmic Specs and the legendary mail – Boneshatter set. Hence, this is bound to be needed in large quantities by all craftsmen – mainly Leatherworkers and Engineers.

The sole significant change is that all five items obtained via the skinning profession can now be obtained from the same monsters. As a result, unlike prior expansions, you will not be required to hunt specific creatures or visit specific zones in order to obtain something.

Aside from that, one distinction: skinning is one of the professions that hasn't received much attention from the developers. All you have to do now, like before, is pick a location with a high respawn rate and go on a killing spree, skinning the creatures. In terms of those places, check out the following section, where we'll list all of our favourites.

Pallid Bone farming routes

In this part, we'll walk you through the process of farming in the Shadowlands with the locations that we've discovered and tested to be the best. We've discovered several locations for you that fit all of the requirements we established for ourselves, such as no troublesome creatures, a high concentration, and a high respawn rate.

No matter how you want to farm – alone or with company – any of those sites will work great for you. We'll also make some recommendations for different types of gamers, so don't worry if you're not as well-equipped.

Route 1

Pallid Bone farming guide - Bastion

First of all, we would like to get you started with our undisputed best – the famous spot in Bastion, or at least we think it is. The one we are talking about, is the northern part of the Aspirant’s Crucible, at the hight of the Vestibule of Eternity. In this small area you are going to find lots of Languishing Etherwyrms and Starved Etherwyrms. Both monsters quite easy to kill with a good chance of yielding the bones, both of them at about 30%. Moreover, their quick respawns are going to be of help to those of you who have become quite efficient at farming montsters.

Route 2

Pallid Bone farming guide - Bastion 2

Our second great place is again in Bastion, but this time we're going to Kala's Den, which you're undoubtedly familiar with if you completed the Bastion missions. It's easy to find, as it's close to The Mnemonic Locus and a little south of the Hero's Rest. This area has a large number of animals that can all be skinned. The distance between the spawns is reasonable, therefore clearing this region for more spawning and higher earnings should not be an issue.

Route 3

Pallid Bone farming guide - Maldraxxus

Finally, we'll travel to Maldraxxus, which is a bit of a different setting. Anyone who like running will enjoy this location. Just south-east of the Theater of Pain's entrance. The Virulent Pests can be found here; these monsters are quite simple to defeat when compared to other areas in Maldraxxus, and they spawn at an incredible pace. The only disadvantage is that they aren't as close together as they could be, so pulling will take a little more effort on your part. However, this remains one of our favourites, and owing to this one little drawback, it may be a little less crowded at peak hours.

Pallid Bone farming tips

Other than optimizing your routes and setup, there are just a few things you can do to increase your collecting efficiency when farming Pallid Bone. We'll go over them in this part, and whether you're a seasoned pro or not, you'll find it quite useful.

First and foremost, regardless of what you've seen on the internet or what your friends are doing, the most important aspect in farming leathers and bones is your gear and your character's class, since certain classes will be able to do it better.

Most importantly, keep in mind that dying is the most time-consuming aspect of any farming activity; as a result, you should experiment with your class, spec, and gear configuration to determine how much you can safely pull at a time in order to avoid overcommitting yourself.

Obviously, certain classes are better suited to skinning and harvesting leathers. Due to their different skills, tanking abilities, and the fact that they can move quicker in their animal form, Feral Druids, for example, will have an easier time.

Furthermore, with the improvements to the looting system, you may farm efficiently in groups because you can loot any monster if you inflict any damage to it. So, if you assemble five characters and farm together, you can earn the treasure five times provided everyone caused some damage.

Farming gear

There isn't a lot of gear that can assist you in gathering leathers because you won't be utilizing your mount as often as you would if you were farming any of the more natural resources. As a result, the gloves enchant – Enchant Gloves - Shadowlands Gathering is the one thing you absolutely must have.

This single purchase, however, will rapidly pay off, since this enchantment improves your collecting speed three times. Assuming you're farming quickly and dragging even 7 or 8 monsters, you won't be skinning for 12 seconds, but 4 seconds for sure sounds much better!

If you keep all of this in mind and follow the advice we provided in our Pallid Bone farming guide, you should have your bags full of valuable leathers and bones in no time, whether for your profession or to sell at the Auction House. Good luck and have a good time!

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