Oxxein Ore farming guide

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Posted: 23/08/2021

Greetings Adventurers! We would like to welcome you to our next WoW farming guide. Today, we are going to focus on Oxxein Ore, as well as some best tips and tricks to farm this resource. In this article on shadowlands ore farming, we will go over how mining ores has changed in new content. We are also going to give you our three favourite routes which you might want to use on your mining character now.

Ores in Shadowlands

But first, a little context on Oxxein Ore. It's one of the six materials in Shadowlands that may be mined, along with the following:

In this series, we'll go through all of them in detail, so if you're looking for something other than Oxxein Ore, we've got you covered.

Oxxein Ore is a valuable mineral for a variety of trades, particularly engineering. Many recipes call for it, including the Wormhole Generator: Shadowlands and, most significantly, the Shadowghast Ingot. As a result, even if you plan to sell on the auction house rather than use it for your own profession, there should be plenty of demand for it.

As a result of Shadowlands, many more things evolved. Such as how materials are discovered and where they are discovered along the way. Previously, ore veins were located in a collection of zones with identical level ranges, similar to herbs, allowing you to farm wherever you pleased. It also minimized resource competition because players would all go to different locations. The vast bulk of mineral veins have now been zone locked. This means they're limited to a specific area and can only be found there.

Unfortunately, Oxxein Ore is one of those zone locked resources, therefore it can only be discovered in one area: Maldraxxus. This particular place has a bit of a learning curve to it, since even with our most optimal paths it is difficult to go gathering without the fighting a few mobs that like to respawn near the nodes. However, once you learn the paths and the specifics you can generally get to know how to avoid them.

Oxxein Ore farming routes

Collecting the various reagents in Shadowlands and Shadowlands mining is not a new experience for any veteran or experienced player – it is quite similar for both mining and herbalism; however, it is important to remember that there are some significant differences between this expansion and previous ones that we would like to highlight in this guide.

Oxxein Ore nodes location

In terms of how mineral nodes are discovered in the Shadowlands, little has changed. As in earlier expansions, these spawn near cliffs and mountains, as well as on higher terrain. As a result, you may discover that some ores spawn more frequently in tough to navigate or access regions, which is why having a solid route is important.

Additionally, no resources, including ores, are found in close proximity to any villages or cities in the game, whether mined or used for herbalism. On the contrary, the deeper you go, up to a limit, the more resources you'll notice around you, so don't be afraid to venture off the beaten track if you want to explore on your own and gather ore.

Route 1

Maldraxxus route 1

First of all, as to where to find Oxxein Ore? For our first route, we would like to recommend an easier one of the possibilities in Maldraxxus. We recommend that you begin your run a little south of the entrance to Theater of Pain. Afterwards you want to start going east towards Plaguefall, but before you enter the area start heading North-east, make a circle around the area with pools of slime, and then start heading west towards the Theater of Pain again. Once you are there, now begin heading North till you reach another pool of slime and the House of Eyes, which you want to follow south-west and then towards The Spearhead, and back to your starting location a little below the Seat of the Primus.

Route 2

Maldraxxus route 2

For the second route, you should start in the valley in front of the House of Constructs in Maldraxxus. Having started on this gathering path, go south towards the Spearhead and then around the Theater of Pain from the western side, to then head towards the House of Rituals. Once you get there, turn north just before the gates and go to the House of Eyes. Upon arriving start exploring the area towards the Sepulcher of Knowledge. Afterwards, you can head back to the starting location and start the farming and mining once again.

Route 3

Maldraxxus route 3

This last route is the longest one by far. You should start in front of the entrance to the Theater of Pain. Once you are there, start heading east, first towards the House of Plagues and from there to the Rotting Mound. After exploring the slime-covered area go north towards the House of Rituals. Once you get there, turn north just before the gates and go to the House of Eyes. Upon arriving start exploring the area towards the Sepulcher of Knowledge. Afterwards, you can head back to the starting location, through the Spearhead restart the gathering again.

If you follow the pathways, we mentioned in this guide on how to farm Oxxein ore. Good luck on your hunt, Adventurer!

Oxxein Ore farming tips

Aside from the routes themselves, there are a few more things you can do to optimize your farming experience.

Farming gear and mounts

For the more obvious advice you can begin by utilizing an appropriate enchant for your gloves, which reduces the time it takes to collect the ores three times, Enchant Gloves - Shadowlands Gathering, meaning the differences between battling a mob and just dashing out with the ore. The outcome is that this saves a great deal of time in addition to your savings, utilizing an optimized route that you consider optimal for yourself.

Another problem is the problem with being mounted, because it takes the most time to get down and back up on a mount. Above all, if a random mob tries to attack you, you want to avoid being forcibly taken off from your mount. To avoid this you can either switch to a tanking speciality or purchase a Comfortable Rider's Barding. Furthermore, you can pick between the two different gathering choices while you are still riding your steed. You can employ your travel form, which can be the easiest way to gather whilst mounted, if you're a druid. The second option is to mount the Sky Golem , which allows the player to do all the same functions.

There is not much else you can do to speed up the process, but you will be good and have your bags filled in no time, if you stick to our Guide for Farming Oxxein Ore and the roads we suggest while you farm, and you can make do with them anything you want, from selling them to an auction house or using them for your professions.

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