Nightshade farming guide

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Posted: 26/08/2021

Good day, there! We'd like to share with you yet another in our series of guides on how to harvest various resources in Shadowlands. In this Nightshade farming guide, we'll look at how to collect this herb in the most efficient and effective way possible.

But first, before we get started there, here's some background information that you might find helpful. Of course, Nightshade is one of the six new herbs included in the Shadowlands expansion.

Nightshade is one of the harder herbs to get, thus also making it quite valuable. It does not have many uses, but the ones it has are quite important. First of all, it is a necessary reagent for Crafter's Mark III and Recipe: Crafter's Mark of the Chained Isle, which immediately makes it extremely important. Secondly, it is also necessary for the Spectral Flask of Power and Spectral Flask of Stamina, meaning that this herb is crucial for all players.

It's also worth noting one of the most substantial changes brought on by the Shadowlands expansion. Most herbs are now zone-locked, which means you can only find them in specific zones. Because everyone who wants to get a specific plant will be in the same region, the unforeseen outcome is likely to be severe rivalry.

In a way, Nightshade is and is not one of those herbs, the issue we will explain shortly. While it can be found in all of the Shadowlands’ zones, it can only do so by replacing a different herb, for which it has a low chance. Thus, making it a rather unreliable method, so we are not going to talk about it in this Nightshade farming guide. The only other way is to farm it in The Maw. That is because the only herb growing there is Nightshade.

However, that requires the player to access The Maw. There are a few requirements to do that, first of all you are required to be level 60, which honestly shouldn’t be too big of an issue here. Secondly, you need to complete your covenant’s campaign – Kyrian Campaign, Night Fae Campaign, Necrolord Campaign, or Venthyr Campaign.

Moreover, you can’t use your mount in The Maw until you finish the quest – Who is the Maw Walker? A quest that is part of the quest chain that begins with the quest First Move in Oribos. This first quest is automatically given to any player who logs in after patch 9.1.

Nightshade farming routes

The Shadowlands expansion has changed the way resources are gathered in a number of ways. However, even new players, let alone veterans of World of Warcraft, should be familiar with the procedure. However, we urge that you continue reading this Nightshade farming guide to discover what has changed.

The one significant change in terms of farming is that, unlike prior expansions, herbs are no longer restricted to certain regions within the zone, and they no longer have any extra needs for their growing environment. As a result, plants like Liferoot, which only thrives near rivers and ponds, are absent.

The only real constraint is that there are no harvestable resources in close proximity to towns or cities. On the contrary, the further you get from the city, the more herbs you'll find, up to a point. As a result, if you want to locate herbs, we propose that you go exploring.

The Maw

As for the farming itself, The Maw, while not so dissimilar from other zones is somewhat harder to deal with since the mobs are quite tough, and elites patrol certain areas. Hence, it is quite a bit easier for classes that have abilities connected with stealth and resetting aggro.

For the first route in this Nightshade farming guide that we would like to recommend, you should start in front of the Ve'Naris's Refuge, from there start heading north-west until you reach the gates of The Tremaculum. Once you reach that point, start heading south, towards the Unified Front quest-givers, just before reaching their location start going east, to then head towards the spot from where you started as you approach it from the south.

Bastion - route

Alternatively, if you don’t want to really go to the Maw, or you can’t for any reason, we offer you one alternative route in Bastion. Start on the route to Temple of Humility, at the point, which is located somewhat below Hero’s Rest, afterwards just keep heading north, while sticking to the western cliff-side and once you reach The Eternal Forge start heading back, this time while remaining on the eastern side of the area and going around the Temple of Humility, back to your starting points where you can begin again.

You should have more than enough herbs for any crafting or commercial endeavour you have planned if you follow the paths, we provided in our Nightshade farming guide. Good luck on your hunt, Adventurer!

Nightshade farming tips

Other than using the optimal routes, there are also a few things that you can do in order to achieve peak efficiency. While they might not always sound big, those improvements are either quality-of-life changes or they stack to get you a big improvement in the end, all of those we are going to cover in a moment in our Nightshade farming guide.

Obtaining the Enchant Gloves - Shadowlands Gathering is one of the more helpful ones. This enchant reduces the normal gathering time from 1.5 seconds to 0.5 seconds, which can make a significant difference in terms of not only saving time but also avoiding attracting the attention of monsters. It may also help you get the herb and bolt before engaging in a fight that could cost you valuable time.

Another concern with being mounted is the chance to dismounted if you are attacked by a mob. If you're a tank, this isn't a problem because specialties in tanking shield you from this impact. Others, on the other hand, should obtain a Comfortable Rider's Barding.

When it comes to mounts, we all know that it is practically impossible to gather resources when mounted, but there are a few workarounds. First and foremost, if you are a druid, it is a simple problem to fix because you can just utilize your travel form to harvest instead of returning to your human form. Everyone else, on the other hand, has a far more difficult decision to make, since you must obtain a Sky Golem mount, which is the only mount that allows you to interact while mounted.

There's not much you can do to speed up the process other than that, but if you follow our Nightshade farming guide, you should be fine and have your bags full in no time.

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